Dad Creates Contest To Find Out Who Is The World’s Greatest Dad

Jon Washington is a competitive person. He looks to win at everything. He still feels to this day that if his high school football coach put him in the game, they would’ve been state champions. There is no doubt in his mind. Now as a father he feels that he truly is the world’s greatest dad. He scoffs at other dads when they wear a “World’s Greatest Dad” shirt or hat. In Jon’s mind,  just like in Highlander, there can only be one! To settle this debate once and for all Washington just came up with a brilliant idea. 

Looking To Crown The World’s Greatest Dad 

After his family watching one of those, as he calls it, “fruity and boring” reality shows, he found the answer to how he can show he is the number one dad. He will create a reality show that pits dads from all over the world in to a series of competitions. The winner will be the top dad. After a few months of planning, he reached out to all the networks, streaming sites and anyone else who would listen. After a few rejections, he got the green light. Now all he as to do is see which dads around the world would qualify. 

Looking For The Best Of The Best 

Jon reached out to every dad blogger, influencer and vlogger he could to get the word out. His competition spread throughout the internet like wildfire. There were dads boasting that they were the all time best. Washington knew it was on. He couldn’t wait for the contest to take shape in different countries. His plan was to have a few qualifying rounds in places all around the world. Once the winner from each site was crowned they would meet in Los Angeles to see who is the World’s Greatest Dad. 

Are You Up For The Challenge? 

Now you might be asking yourself what type of activities or challenges are in this competition. Jon was kind enough to show me the break down of the competition. Where would you see yourself ranking in this head to head battle of dads? 

World’s Greatest Dad List Of Challenges 

The Laundry – 10K Challenge

Dads complete to see who can complete a load of laundry and finish a 10K. Not only will your speed come into play while running the race, but your skills getting out tough stains. Whoever has the best combined score of fastest time in the 10K along with the cleanest laundry wins that event. 

Diaper Change – Problem Solver

This could be where a we see who has the mental and spiritual fortitude to win this challenge. You have to change your baby’s diaper while helping out your oldest with the issue they are having with their friends. You have to be good at multitasking here. If the diaper falls off or isn’t on right, you lose points. You have to do that while consoling your oldest child with kindness and care to make sure they can solve the issue they are having with their friends. 

Uber Dad – Errands Obstacle

Dads have to not only drive their kids to their practices and dance classes, but they have ten things they need to pick up or drop off at various locations. Whoever gets all of their errands done while making sure they are not late to pick up their kids wins that stage. 

Homework Help – Dinner Prep

This event looks to be the most tedious. Not only do you have to figure how to multiply fractions again, but you have to make a dinner that no one will complain about eating. What is the catch you might ask? Accruing to the WGDGC (World’s Greatest Dad Gaming Committee), you can’t order take out, no serving pizza, burgers, hot dogs or chicken nuggets. Plus you can’t use YouTube or Google for homework help. Therefore this event will be an exercise for your brain. Only the strong will survive. 

Driver’s Ed – Financial Ed

This is the last stage in the competition. In this event you have successfully teach your teenager to drive and parallel park, as well as educate them on finances. Once they are able to correctly come up with a realistic budget for a month and parallel park with no issues we might be able to be crowned the first World’s Greatest Dad! 

4 thoughts on “Dad Creates Contest To Find Out Who Is The World’s Greatest Dad”

  1. I am secure in my ability as a father to know I am the world’s greatest dad in my head and smart enough to make mention of it other than this post. A pedestal like Worlds Greatest is a high place to fall from. I do enough to get a father of the year award when I mess up. lol As it is taught in the military keep your head down and you will go far.

    • Well said Brock!

  2. I do have a “World’s Greatest Dad” shirt, but it has a picture of Clark Griswold and Rusty from the first vacation movie. Ode to Clark, not me. lol

    • Nice!!!


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