Walker Hayes Celebrates Family On The Duck Buck Tour 

I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed Walker Hayes a few times. In those conversations we chat about his music, fatherhood and other topics. After speaking with Walker the first time, I got to see how important his family is to him. His wife and kids are his inspiration when it comes to songwriting. … Read more

Start Working Out On The Right Foot 

The older you get, the tougher it is to keep up with your exercise routine. You are tired. It feels like you don’t have the time. Or to paraphrase Detective Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon, you might say to yourself, “I am getting to old for this (stuff.)” All of these are legit reasons to … Read more

Families Can Bond Together Over Video Games 

There is the old trope that parents hate when their kids play video games. In some homes, that might be the case, but for me and my family we really enjoy playing video games together. From Mario Kart to Nintendo Switch Sports we have a blast seeing who can get the best score or win … Read more

How You Can Keep Up With An Exercise Routine Year-Round 

We are now in the month of March. How are those New Year’s resolutions going? I am not trying to start off on the wrong foot, but just checking in with your goals for this year. If exercise was part of that plan, but you have not kept up with it, here are a few … Read more

Great Holiday Cocktails To Celebrate The New Year 

If you’re looking for a festive holiday cocktail or a change of pace from the usual look no further! Here are two cocktail recipes that you will really enjoy with friends and family. As always please enjoy responsibly. The two liquors that inspire these cocktails are from George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend Rye and … Read more