Your Kids See Everything, So Be A Good Role Model 

Kids are sponges. They are always watching you. Whether you know it or not, your kids will see how you navigate this world. It is not only what you tell them, but they see your actions too. So when you tell them that too much sugar is bad for them, they will speak up if they see you eat a cookie or have some chips. Whether you like it or not your kids are your accountability partner when it comes to many things in your life. Use that as a positive thing instead of a negative thing. You can be a good role model to your kids by living a healthy lifestyle that they can copy.  

Be A Good Role Model In Terms Of A Healthy Lifestyle 

Parents are always telling their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. My parents told me that and I have said the same thing to my daughters. So when you are telling them to finish their broccoli, make sure you have had your own healthy serving of veggies that day. When you are setting up some snacks for the weekend, try to incorporate fruits, veggies and nuts on the kitchen table. Having a meal together at least once a day with the family will help you guys share quality time and eat a nutritious meal. As your kids get older, have them cook with you. They will tend to eat that meal if they had a hand in preparing it. 

The Family That Works Out Together….

Besides eating healthy together, make sure you set up time to exercise together. Now it doesn’t mean you have to go running as a family. It is hard to do that since everyone has their own pace. Trust me I have been there. My strides are very long and it is tough for all of us to keep up the same pace. Yet, we play basketball, go hiking and even got into playing the trendy sport of pickleball. Even though we were probably playing pickleball the wrong way, we still had a blast playing together. We got in a great workout and had fun doing it. Find a sport or hobby that you and your family will enjoy doing together. If you follow these steps, not only are you setting a great example, but your body and mind are reaping the benefits as well. 

Need Help? Alta Coaching Is There For You

You might be reading this and saying, Art, I don’t have enough time each day to do this. If you need help setting goals for yourself that is where Alta Coaching comes in. Kat Best and Andrew Hayes have a passion for creating habits for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They have helped a number of people create goals that are specifically designed for each of their clients. They know not everyone has the same type of goals and make sure that they create a plan that will help you now and in the future. So as you start down that new path of living a healthier lifestyle, not only will you benefit from it, but your kids who are watching will follow your lead! To connect with with Andrew and Kat go to their website,

Please note: I teamed up with Alta Coaching for this post and campaign and was compensated, but my thoughts are my own. 

13 thoughts on “Your Kids See Everything, So Be A Good Role Model ”

  1. Well said, Art. My wife and I started working out together after our first child was born. We were each other’s accountability partner. Now with three kids, we play sports as a family and even do the occasional yoga together.

  2. I started running with my kids last summer. We run 5ks as a family. There are days where we might indulge in some fast food, but we all make good choices when it comes to food.

  3. It is tough trying to get a workout in now that I am a new dad. I miss being able to carve time out in the morning to go to the gym. I will look into the Alta thing for help.

  4. I listen the podcast with Andrew in it. It motivated me to do little things to be more active. Hopefully I can keep up the routine. In the past I have had trouble maintaining a workout regimine.


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