Forget Dinner And A Movie, Upgrade To Dinner And A Game 

Let me first say that there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie. Heck, that was the first date I had with my girlfriend in college, who I later married. So the traditional dinner and a movie date will always hold a special meaning. Yet, you can upgrade a family dinner by playing a … Read more

Life Is Not All Fun And Games, But Make Time For Family Game Night 

Do me a favor. Before you read this, open up your calendar on your phone. I am guessing each week is packed with meetings, business trips, after-school activities and other things that will be taking up your family’s time. We look to jam pack our weeks with activities. We forget to slow down and enjoy … Read more

Jim Moran Talks Fatherhood, Semper Smart Games & More 

Semper Smart Games creator Jim Moran sits down with me to talk about his fatherhood journey. He shares the values he looks to instill into his kids. In addition he shares the life lessons his kids taught him. After that we talk about his game company, Semper Smart Games. Jim shares the inspiration of starting … Read more