Walker Hayes Celebrates Family On The Duck Buck Tour 

I have been fortunate enough to have interviewed Walker Hayes a few times. In those conversations we chat about his music, fatherhood and other topics. After speaking with Walker the first time, I got to see how important his family is to him. His wife and kids are his inspiration when it comes to songwriting. If you are looking to check out those songs, look up If Father Time Had A Daughter, Chapel and Don’t Let Her. After our last interview he mentioned one of the stops on his Duck Buck tour was near me and offered tickets to me and my family. It was a very nice gesture and we were excited to check out his show. My youngest daughter, Jordan and I went to the concert last month and had a fantastic time.

Family First On The Duck Buck Tour 

We enjoyed the first two acts, BRELAND and Ingrid Andress. They both did a great job setting the table for a fun night of music. When Walker came onto the stage, the crowd went wild. My daughter and I were dancing with others in the crowd. There were a few times where Walker shared stories about him and his family. My daughter and I would look at each other during those moments. We really enjoyed hearing Walker’s stories. One of the best moments was when Walker brought on one of his daughters to sing If Father Time Had A Daughter. It was a touching moment between Walker and his daughter. When we were driving home after the concert, we agreed that moment was one of the best parts of the night. 

Hanging With Walker After The Concert 

Not only did Walker hook us up with tickets, but he gave us tickets to meet up with him after the concert. While we were waiting, my daughter asks me, “Do you think he will remember you?” I smiled and said to her, he meets a lot of people now and he gets interviewed a lot. When we did meet up with Walker, he recognized me and was happy to see us. He even gave Jordan one of his guitar picks, which made her day. 

We talked about his tour and how much we enjoyed the concert. We even got to talk about sneakers. He commented on my Air Jordan V’s, which as a sneakerhead I appreciate. Walker puts on a great show and really cares about his family, his fans and community. During the concert he shares highs and lows of his life. He looks to help others who might be going through some tough times. If you are looking for a fun and family friendly time, I suggest you going to see Walker in concert when he comes to your town! 

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