Don’t Filter Yourself Out, Stay True To You 

Every generation has different challenges that they face as they grow up. For my kids, I feel that there are obstacles that are very daunting. They are constantly being bombarded by the latest trends everywhere they go. When I was their age I could turn off the TV or radio and for the most part I could just be myself. These days it is hard to switch off all the distractions that rush upon them. One trend that has been popping up lately is the “filter” trend. Different social media platforms have an app that makes all your flaws go away. There are so many dangers that can come from those filters. 

The Harm That Comes From The Perfect Filter 

Can you remember when you were a teenager and you were trying to figure out your identity? Your body was changing. You might not been happy with some of those stages. Now think about your teenager. They might not be happy with those changes as well. While we all know that it is just your body changing, we live in an instant gratification society where the change needs to happen overnight, wait I mean immediately. So while a tween or teen are going through so many changes and are not pleased on the pace of the change, they start to point out all of their perceived imperfections. In addition, our society is saying it is cool to change the way you look. One road block for someone thinking about making any changes is not knowing what the end results might look like. Well the new flawless filter app can give them a taste if they make all those changes. 

The Price Of Perfection 

The saying that nobody’s perfect is there for a reason. We all have flaws in different areas of our lives. Our imperfections make us unique. That may sound like a message from an after school movie from back in the day, but as you get older you realize all the truth that comes from that way of thinking. People might read this and think, Art, it is just an app. What is the big deal? For me, kids don’t need to constantly judge themselves. They need to know that those changes will soon pass. All of the struggles you experienced throughout that time of change makes you stronger. 

I understand that people have a desire to see the best version of themselves. We all have that notion inside of us. Yet when we use technology to make us see a “perfect” version of body and face it creates a sense of disillusionment. Plus, we start to feel that we are not good enough for others. The more and more we start going down that path and look to make changes, we lose our own identity. That is not a lesson we should teach our kids. It may be just a silly filter, but it takes away what is truly important. It takes away all the unique ingredients that makes us special.  

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  1. I can see how those filters can be fun. It is okay to use them if you don’t constantly use those filters to change who you are.


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