Give The Gift Of Fun And Education 

As we approach the holidays and you are looking for the perfect gift that is part entertaining and part education, I have the gift idea for you. tonies is a company that prides itself as the original screen-free audio entertainment system for young children. They look to have kids and families to experience storytelling in a digital age. I have been promoting tonies for a while now here at Art of Fatherhood for many reasons. tonies combines technology with traditional storytelling. In addition, it is a screen free way to grow your child’s education. Recently a study conducted by FUNdamentally Children found the impact that tonies has on young kids. 

The Gift Of Fun & Education With tonies 

When my kids were toddlers, my wife and I would love reading with them. In the beginning my wife and I would just read to them. As they got older, our daughters would read to us. To this day my kids still love to read. I know that their love of reading has helped in all areas of their lives. Just like my family, tonies sees the importance of reading. When tonies become a regular part of a child’s life, their attention, reading comprehension, and vocabulary improves. 

Getting back to the study, check out some of the results from kids using tonies products. Taking place over a 12-week period, 100 children ages 2 to 5 years-old in the United States and the United Kingdom were sent a toniebox audio player. In addition they received an assortment of sleep-friendly tonies to assist parents with their nighttime routine. They found 53% of children had an improved attention rating. Plus their reading attention increased by an average of 6%. Plus, 60% of children improved comprehension scores and reading comprehension increased by an average of 13%. In terms of vocabulary 66% of children improved their vocabulary level. 

A Gift They Will Love 

Whenever I had the chance to get my kids, when they were younger, a gift that combined I would jump at that purchase. For me, tonies is a home run gift that you can give your child. They have fun with tonies. They learn from tonies. In addition, as a parent you feel at peace when you give them a gift that they love to use, but also helps prepare them for the future. To all parents and grandparents who are looking for the perfect gift for your little ones, tonies is a gift that checks all the boxes. 

Please note: I teamed up with tonies for this post and campaign and was compensated, but my thoughts are my own. 

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