Give The Gift Of Writing This Holiday

Do you have someone on your list that loves to write or take notes for school or work? If so you should check out Ghost Paper. Notebooks and journals come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, but one standard has remained the same. Your notes, doodles, and scribbles are either captured on lined or unlined paper. With Ghost Paper journals you don’t have to choose. You get the freedom of blank pages with the structure of lined ones!

Ghost paper makes it possible with alternating embossed and debossed lined pages. The innovative patented design gives a faint line that disappears in direct light. The texture is slight enough that it does not interfere with pen marks making each page writable, drawable and sketchable.

 Other features include:

  • Flexible, faux leather cover
  • Elastic pen loop and closure
  • Ribbon bookmarker
  • Enveloped compartment to keep loose paper items or photos

Check out Ghost Paper’s entire line of products which also feature spiral notebooks and stationery sets. They are also available on Amazon!

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