How Sweet It Is – A Look Into Toy Insider’s Virtual Toy Fair

This year has taught us many things. One of those things is that we need to look at different ways of doing things we used to do. I do enjoy going to toy fairs and comic book conventions. The pandemic has put a damper on that. So, I thought this year was going to be a convention free year. Then, I was invited to the Sweet Suite toy fair.

A Whole New World 

The Sweet Suite is a virtual toy fair where I could virtually meet up with companies. They were showcasing the latest toys and gadgets. It was a really cool event. I even received my own swag box they sent me a week after the fair. It was pretty “sweet.” (Sorry for the dad joke.) 

All kidding aside I was able to set up time with toy companies. On that day, I was able to learn what they have coming up for the end of this year and following years. LEGO, Nintendo, Hasbro, Just Play and a ton of other companies were on hand. Here are some of my favorite items that you and your family should be on the lookout for. Make sure you follow the Toy Insider and check out their website HERE. That way you can stay up to date on all the latest toys  and trends. 

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things. 

LEGO – Star Wars The Sith

If you’re a Star Wars fan, this is a great set for you. Create an iconic art piece with this LEGO Art Star Wars The Sith set. Enjoy a well-earned break as you make a special display piece for your home or office. Celebrate the Sith Lords, Darth Maul, Kylo Ren and Darth Vader, with this 3in1 portrait set. If you want more, you can buy and combine 3 sets into an ultimate Darth Vader wall piece. First, you build the set and second you can listen to the included Soundtrack to enjoy details and audio stories linked to the set. You finish the build with the Star Wars signature plate. Lastly, display on a wall or shelf. 

Wicked Big Sports

Wicked Big Sports Kickball is traditional kickball on a grand scale! A great game to keep families outside and active. It is perfect for the backyard or bring along to the beach, or park! Each kickball inflates to 20” in diameter – over 3X the size of a traditional kickball! Each kickball set includes 1 oversized kickball, 3 bases, 1 home plate, 1 pump, 3 ball plugs, and 1 plug remover.

The Upside Down Challenge Game

Family game night just got a lot more fun! The Upside Down Challenge Game will keep your friends and family laughing out loud for hours. First, you put on the glasses. Secondly, you compete to do simple tasks like writing your name and giving a high five. Next, you have to pour water from one cup into another. This is all the while your vision is flipped upside down. You’ll be shocked how difficult even the simplest tasks become. 

Playmobil – Back to the Future DeLorean

Playmobil goes back to the future! The iconic DeLorean features folding wheels for hover mode, doors which open upwards. Plus there is an illuminated flux capacitor inside and illuminated exterior. Plutonium can be inserted at the back of the vehicle. The playset is complete with Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown in their outfits from 1985. Includes a plutonium case, skateboard, remote control and Einstein, the dog.

About Sweet Suite

Sweet Suite is a legendary toy party for members of the media and digital influencers. Guests are invited to check out the hottest new toys and collectibles of the year. From top kids’ and pop culture brands, including exclusive never-before-seen product reveals. Sweet Suite encourages all attendees to let their “kid at heart” out. There will be fun photo opps, contests, games and more. The event is produced by Adventure Media and Events, LLC.

Please note. I did receive items from the folks over at Toy Insider from the toy fair. My thoughts are my own

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