Michael O’Neill Talks Fatherhood, Council Of Dads & The Importance Of Grit

Michael O’Neill sits down with me to talk about his role on the new hit NBC show, The Council of Dads. The show centers around Scott Perry and when discovers he has cancer he is worried about his children growing up without his help and advice. He and his wife Robin recruit six friends to act as a “council of dads” to be father figures to his children. Michael plays Larry Mills on the show. 

We then talk about fatherhood, raising daughters and when he found out he was going to have twins. We also chat about what movie gave him the most street cred with his kids. We finish the interview with the Fatherhood Quick Five. 

About Michael O’Neill

Michael O’Neill currently stars as Larry Mills on NBC’s new drama Council of Dads. O’Neill will soon be seen as Chaplain Kendricks in the critically acclaimed feature film Clemency, which won the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, as well as The Stand at Paxton County and Indivisible.

A native of Alabama, O’Neill has a degree in economics from Auburn University and was the 2018 commencement speaker at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. He began his acting career under the mentorship of Will Geer and his daughter Ellen at the Theatricum Botanicum in Los Angeles. He is married to Mary O’Keefe O’Neill and they have three daughters – Ella, Annie and Molly. 

O’Neill has served on the board of the Hollywood branch of the Screen Actors Guild and has often participated in the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s BookPALS program, reading to elementary school children. He has also been involved in Teach for America, Habitat for Humanity and Focus on Recovery in Birmingham.

Follow Michael on Twitter at @thisMicONeill and make sure you check out Council of Dads on NBC.

About Council Of Dads 

Family takes on a different meaning in this transformative and inspirational new drama when Scott Perry, a loving father of five, has his entire life’s plan thrown into upheaval by an unexpected health scare. He calls on a few of his most trusted friends to step in as back-up dads to help guide and support his growing family – just in case he ever can’t be there to do it himself. There’s Anthony, Scott’s oldest and most loyal friend; Larry, his tough-love AA sponsee; and Oliver, his dedicated doctor and wife’s dearest friend. Together, they discover that there’s more to being a father than anyone could do alone – and more to being a family than they ever thought possible.

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