Michael Turner Talks About His New Book Hockey Is Hers  

Michael Turner is the author of Baseball is Back and Hockey is Hers. When his daughters were quite young, there were no kid’s books connecting dads, daughters, and sports. So, he decided to change that. He believes deeply in helping dads build and strengthen connections with their daughters to raise strong girls. I interviewed Michael about his new book, Hockey Is Hers. Check him out at www.raisestronggirls.com and at raise_strong_girls on Instagram.

Interview With Michael Turner

Art Eddy: You have a new book out called, Hockey is Hers. I love it. My daughters and I got into hockey by playing NHL ’22. My youngest daughter is a Boston Bruins fan and we love going to games. Talk about how your daughters got into hockey. 

Michael Turner: My wife and I have encouraged them to play all kinds of sports and physical activities. They’ve played baseball, soccer, rugby, crew, Krav Maga, etc.  I love taking them to sporting events, and just like you, we love going to hockey games.

AE: What was the inspiration for Hockey is Hers? 

MT: I want to help dads build and strengthen their connection with their daughters. There are so few kid’s books connecting dads, their girls, and sports. To help address that gap, I wrote Baseball is Back—Dads, daughters, and baseball.  The same gap exists in hockey. I want to help dads—any parent really—who are hockey fans be able to introduce that great sport to their kids. 

AE: Is there a team you all root for or do you have separate teams you root for? 

MT: My first love in hockey was the 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic Team. The Miracle on Ice game is one of the best sporting events ever played—and I reference it in Hockey is Hers. We love cheering on the U.S. Women’s Olympic Hockey team and watching their great rivalry with Team Canada.

More With Michael Turner 

AE: Talk about a moment, whether it was going to a game or playing hockey together that became a great memorable experience with your kids. 

MT: We were at a Caps game earlier this year and the kids were on the boards during warm-ups banging on the glass. If you stay there long enough and cheer loud enough, the players might flip a puck over to you. My kids got one. It was awesome.

AE: We want our kids to find their own interests and not just tell them to follow ours, but it is great when you can share your hobbies with them. Talk about how important it is to find something you can bond over with your kids to strengthen your relationship. 

MT: That’s a great question. Make sure they’re introduced to all kinds of different things—sports, music, books, travel. What do they end up liking?  Do that 100%. For example, my daughters love Taylor Swift. And, I’ve really gotten into her music and am totally a fan.

What Mike Hopes Families Will Learn From This Book

AE: What do you hope people will take away from your book?

MT: I hope for three things. First, I hope people use the book to teach girls about hockey and encourage them to play it.  Second, I want dads to be more involved in raising strong girls. That means creating opportunities—like on the ice in hockey—to encourage them to try new things and live out their dreams. Third, I hope people realize that gender equality in sports—in our country—still has a long way to go. I don’t think any country can live up to its fullest potential, unless all people are given the opportunity to live up to their fullest potential. Kid’s books like Baseball is Back and Hockey is Hers can, I hope, help dads play that critical role in helping raise strong girls who will become strong women.

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