New Year, New Brew

As we enter a new year, we start to think about ways we can improve our lives. From working out to eating better, those New Year’s resolutions can seem to be out of reach. We tend to set lofty goals and give up bad habits cold turkey style. You might stick to those resolutions for a few days or weeks, but are they sustainable? How can you get those improvements to stick with you for the whole year? I believe it is all about baby steps. If we try to bite off more than we can chew, we will eventually give up. In my opinion, it is to have short-term goals and long-term goals. For those looking to cut out alcohol for life or just for Dry January, you owe it to yourself to try Athletic Brewing Company to help you keep that resolution. 

Finding A New Brew That Is Right For You 

A few years ago I started realizing that I needed to change the way I eat and drink. I enjoyed having a few beers with my wife and friends during the week. Yet, I started to feel bogged down the next morning. As a parent, you don’t want to battle a headache from drinking beers the night before and then having to take care of your kids. I started to only have alcoholic beverages on the weekend. I cut out alcohol during the week. It was hard at first, but when I started intermittent fasting it helped not wanting to drink during the week. 

After a while, I wanted to keep moving in a positive direction. That is when I found Athletic Brewing Company. There were some weekend nights when I didn’t want an alcoholic beverage, but still wanted to feel like I was being social. I picked up a few packs of Athletic Brewing brews that I wanted to try for the upcoming weekend. While I was hanging out I brought a few of them out and it was a conversation starter. They asked about what I was drinking and told them about Athletic Brewing Company and why I looked to enjoy a non-alcoholic beer. 

All Types Of Brews For You To Choose 

During that night, one of my friends said his dad started drinking Athletic Brewing brews because he was tired of that next day feeling from beer drinking. Another said he started drinking an alcoholic beer while hanging out with friends, but the next two drinks were the Athletic Brewing Hazy IPA called Free Wave. He said he was still enjoying his time with his friends, but was able to not feel bad about what he was drinking during the week. 

The Athletic brews are very delicious in my opinion. You can still enjoy that taste of a traditional beer, but not worry about the side effects of alcohol. Athletic offers a lot of different types of brews. As with any new resolution, it’s all about baby steps. The more I talk to people about Athletic Brewing, the more I hear from them about making the switch to their brews. If you’ve ever thought about cutting down your alcohol intake, especially for Dry January, I would suggest you check out Athletic Brewing Company. You can find them in your local stores or online. In addition, they are making it even easier for you. 

Right now, new Athletic customers can receive 20% off their FIRST order of TWO 6-packs or more when they visit and use the code ART20* at checkout by March 31, 2023. 

There is no time like the present to make a positive change in your life. Athletic Brewing Company can help you look to keep your New Year’s resolution for more than just two weeks! Cheers! 

Please note: I am working with Athletic Brewing Company on a sponsored campaign. I am receiving payment for my work, but my thoughts are my own.

*Exclusions apply, including but not limited to Custom Variety Case, Mystery Limited Brew Pack, Mixed Packs, select merchandise, and gift cards. Add qualifying items to cart, enter code ART20 at checkout and the price will be adjusted on applicable items. Valid for one-time use only. Valid for first-time customers only.  Limit one 20% Off offer per customer. This promotion cannot be combined with other discount offers except where indicated and it may not be applied to previous purchases. Selection may vary. While supplies last. Void if altered, copied, transferred, auctioned, or sold. Use of this promotion constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, except where prohibited by law. Offer ends 3/31/2023.

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Athletic Brewing Company. Milford, CT, and San Diego, CA. Near beer <0.5% alc/vol.

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