Art of Fatherhood Podcast Honoring Brian McKenna 

A few years ago I had the great pleasure for chatting with Brian McKenna. He spoke with me about fatherhood and raising awareness about pediatric cancer. Not only was Brian looking to help kids with cancer, he was also fighting cancer. Over this Father’s Day weekend one of his children, Chris reached out to me. … Read more

Rob Paulsen Talks Fatherhood, Beating Cancer And Lessons He Learned From His Son

I had the great opportunity to chat with Rob Paulsen about many topics. We first talk about fatherhood and how proud he is of his son. They recently started a show together called Game That Toon. You can hear the pride in Rob’s voice as he talks about his son. Speaking of his voice we … Read more

John Tesh Talks Fatherhood, Beating Cancer And More

John Tesh sits down with me to talk about the joys of fatherhood and how much fun he has being a grandfather. John shares how scared he was meeting his step-son and how they bonded over the years and the moment he found out his wife was pregnant with their daughter.  John opens up about … Read more