Teaching STEM To Your Kids Has Never Been Easier

As we try to balance everything these days we don’t want to skimp on our kid’s education. I know for a fact people are realizing how important teachers are and how important they are to help our children learn. One way teachers look to make it easier for kids to learn is by adding fun into the mix. Now as we are helping our kids learn with the virtual classes we need to use that same method. One way is by using STEM in your lesson plan.

How To Add Fun Into Your Lesson Plan 

STEM is huge in schools right now. I helped out my daughter’s afternoon STEM group two years ago. Kids from different grades signed up to be in that group because they were really excited to learn more about STEM. 

One way that your kids will love to learn about STEM is by using robots. Yes, you read that correctly. Robots!  Pai Technology has a product called Botzees. Botzees is a new coding robotics kit for kids ages 4 and up, that combines creativity, construction, and coding. Kids can program and code 6 different pre-designed Botzees or create their own! Botzees can be taught to move, drum, dance, make sounds, and light up using the free app. 130 uniquely shaped, easy-to-grip blocks with rounded edges will inspire kids’ imagination with tactile, tangible hands-on learning. And then the 30 interactive Augmented Reality puzzles teach even more coding concepts with visual cues.

How Botzees Works 

Create, Program and Play with Botzees, an Augmented Reality robotics kit that combines construction, coding and creativity. It includes 130 uniquely shaped, easy-to-grip blocks with rounded edges and unique shape to inspire every child’s imagination. Kids can build and code 6 different pre-designed Botzees, or create their own! The creative possibilities are limitless! There are 30 interactive Augmented Reality puzzles that teach foundational coding concepts like sequencing, looping, and conditional coding in an intuitive and visual way.

So if you are looking for a way to introduce some fun as your kids learn make sure you check out Botzees. 

Please note: I received products from Pai Technology, but my thoughts are my own. 

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