The Importance Of Apologizing To Your Kids 

I’m sorry. This phrase might be hard for you to say. We all have been on both sides of this coin. There are times were you should have apologized to someone and failed at that opportunity. Then there are situations where you have never received an apology from someone in your circle. One way you can be a positive influence in this world is by showing your kids it is normal to say you are sorry. If we show our kids the importance of apologizing then their generation will be better off. 

Why Apologizing Is An Important Part Of Parenting 

We teach our kids right from wrong. Honesty is another value parents look to instill into their kids. Yet if we don’t teach our kids how to apologize we are doing them a disservice. In a recent podcast interview I did with Hal Sparks, he talked about why it is important to not just apologize, but tell the person what you are sorry for. This is something he shared with with son. Hal said that if his son did something wrong, his son would go over to that person to apologize and tell that person what he is apologizing for. After that interaction Hal and his son would talk about what just happened. 

Hal told his son that some people will accept an apology and others might not. For Hal it is okay for those who don’t accept that apology. Hal tells his son that he did what he needed to do and that is all Hal can ask of him. During that interview that will be up soon at the Art of Fatherhood, I thanked Hal for teaching his son that. It just goes beyond saying you are sorry. It not only shows the person you wronged that you are sincere, but you are taking the proper steps to make a heartfelt apology. 

Make Sure You Practice What You Preach 

Teaching your kids how to apologize is only half of it. Parents need to practice what they preach. Your kids will see you apologizing to them and see that it is normal. Therefore as they grow up they can build strong relationships with family, friends and colleagues. When you normalize that it is okay to admit you made a mistake, we will leave the world in a better place for our kids. Our kids look up to us. They learn a lot from us by our words and actions. Make sure you show them the importance of a sincere apology. You both will be better for it. 

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