The Zoo Is A Dad Joke Gold Mine 

Over the weekend we went to the zoo with our friends. Chad, the dad from other family that came with us and I had a blast with all the dad jokes we were telling at the zoo. In the past when my family and I have gone to a zoo I might have said one or two dad jokes. This past weekend, the dad jokes went to a whole new level. I always wondered what it feels like for a stand-up comedian when they are in zone. When I was at the zoo I got to feel that vibe. I even had a walk-off dad joke at the last exhibit we went to that day. 

Dad Jokes A Plenty At The Zoo 

Right out of the gate we started over the elephant exhibit. As we were looking at the elephants I asked the kids why do elephants make good travelers? They didn’t have any answers to my question. So I told them that elephants always have their packed trunks with them. After a few eye rolls we moved on to another exhibit. We wanted to see some of the bigger cats like tigers and lions. We didn’t have a map, but I told them I knew where to go. They asked me how I knew and I pointed to the crossroads sign and pointed to where it said lion. I blurted out, “I told you I wasn’t ‘lion’” As you could have guess more groans and eye rolls. 

The Jokes Keep On Rolling Along 

Chad’s dad joke game was on point too. When we were at the lion except, he told us the following joke. “What did the Lion King tell Simba when he was walking too slow? Mufasa.” I laughed out loud and we just kept on with the dad jokes all day. We were at the buffalo exhibit and Chad made another dad joke. He asked, “What did the buffalo say to his son when he dropped him off at school? Bison.” Haha. So good. 

Look At The Toucans 

When we got the ocelot exhibit, I told the crew that this was a productive day for us. They asked me why. I said we have been here a few hours and we have seen an ‘ocelot’ of animals today already. One of my favorite dad jokes that came from that day was when we were headed to the aviary. Before we entered into the aviary I spotted something. I yelled out, “Oh look some birds got out!” My crew asked me which birds got out. I pointed over to the other side of the aviary and said, “Look, don’t you see the two-cans?” I pointed over to two soda cans next to the aviary. Believe it or not, I did get some actual laughs. 

A Walk Off Dad Joke

The walk off dad joke came at the last exhibit we went to for the day. It was over at the alligator exhibit. As the I was walking over to the alligators I overheard a dad and daughter talking about the difference between alligators and crocodiles. The dad said you can tell by their snot. I immediately jumped on this opportunity. I actually said there is an easier way! They both asked me how. I said it all depends on how they say goodbye to you. If it says after awhile, it is a crocodile. If it says later, it is a gator. They both laughed at the joke. What made it a walk off dad joke is the fact they were using that joke to other people at the exhibit. In my mind I was trotting around the bases taking it all in. So the next time you and your family are at the zoo make sure you do your dad duty and keep the dad jokes coming. 

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    • Enjoy!!!! You and (maybe) your family will enjoy the dad jokes.

    • Thank you Adam.


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