These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 135 – Dads Raising Awareness & Funds For Great Causes 

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to share with you dads and dad organizations who are raising awareness and funds for great causes. From raising money for education to creating awareness about medical conditions these dads are definitely doing it right. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

 Harrington Family Foundation – Raising Funds For Education With Sneakers For Scholarships 

Sneakers for Scholarships is an online raffle fundraiser hosted by Harrington Family Foundation. This raffle is conducted solely by the Harrington Family Foundation. Funds from Sneakers for Scholarships benefit the Oregon Community Leadership Scholarship endowment. Not only is this fundraiser is going to a great cause, but you could win some unique Air Jordans. Sneakers for Scholarships grand prize includes two pairs of Jordan Retro PE’s designed by Tinker Hatfield. Tinker is a legendary Nike designer and one of Harrington Family Foundation’s first scholarship. You have until March 19th to enter the raffle. Go here to enter the raffle. 

Dudes For Dads 

Dudes For Dads is a Nonprofit Organization built by a group of men from Arlington, VA, and the University of Miami. These men either lost their father figure or never had one. Compassion is what fuels them. The Dads’ lessons of service and compassion help guide younger boys who never had a father figure or those lost their dad. Basically, the organization connects people who have gone through the loss of a father figure and guides them throughout the process. Dudes For Dads is committed to helping cover tangible and intangible experiences that come with the loss of a father. In August 2022, the team organized a used sports equipment drive. Altogether, they received 300+ pieces of sports equipment were donated to the Playtime Project, a camp for homeless children.  

DADS Charity – Dedicated Ambassadors Delivering Support

Founded in 2005 with a very humble beginning, DADS Charity is a growing community making a difference. Born in cycling, their core mission is about doing what they love. In addition, it is using the resources available to them to make a difference to the people they support. The focus is children and education through the four main charities they are connected to. Those are CHOC – Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa and TDSAG – The Down Syndrome Association of Gauteng. Plus, the other two are Kids Haven and Fulton School for the Deaf. 

Cannonball Run Challenge 

Last year, Brett Stelmaszek, Kevin Frye and Peter Halliburton completed their second “cannonball run,” challenge. They looked to drive from coast to coast in the shortest time possible. In addition they did this while live streaming the entire trip on YouTube and Twitch. Why would they do this? They look to raise awareness and funds to help fund research for SYNGAP1-related non-syndromic intellectual disability. Overall, they were able to raise $156,000 in donations. Finally, all donations go to the SynGAP Research Fund, a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that raises money for the illness.

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