These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 136 – More TikTok Dads You Should Check Out 

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to share with you more TikTok Dads you need to check out. These dads are looking to share all sides of fatherhood. You can tell the really enjoy making these videos. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Darryl Postelnick – One Of The TikTok Dads Who Is Really Cooking

Darryl Postelnick has been successful in many areas of his career. In addition Darry has been an executive at Disney and Microsoft. Yet his kids might say that his best accomplishment has made him a hit with the under-25 set. How? He started cooking videos on TikTok. He has to thank his teenage daughter for the encouragement. 

Tyler – Okay Fam

Tyler created the TikTok account OkayFam. Yet you would say his kids are the stars of the site. His most popular videos involve his kid asking him questions that catch him off guard.  One of my favorites is a recent TikTok that has been viewed nearly 12 million times as his child wants to order pizza. Check out his site here. 

Dr. Tim 

Some dads just look like they’re having so much genuine fun on TikTok. For Dr. Tim, he is one of those dads. He loves getting dancing on his videos. Sometimes he gets his kids involved, even though they are not really wanting him to dance. Still if you are looking for a few videos to make you laugh, his TikTok account might just be the one you should check out. 

Ricky Chainz

Ricky Chainz is a Sydney-based content creator on TikTok with more than five million followers on the platform. Chainz’s most popular videos feature his elderly grandmother and his kids. Therefore you can say his account is a family affair. Lot of people love the video where he reviews his daughter’s artwork. 

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