These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 145 – Dads Wanting To Be There For Their Kids 

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to share with you a few dads groups that are wanting to be there for their kids. These dads really care about their kids and want their kids to know that they are their biggest cheerleader. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Eugene Hung – Being There For His Daughters 

Eugene Hung and his wife live in Southern California. For him, he and his wife are the proud parents of two Asian American daughters, ages 16 and 13. He shares his experiences with his girls. In addition, he wants to be an advocate for his kid’s behalf. His site, Feminist Asian Dad is where he provides the fodder for his on parenting, gender, feminism, race, and culture. Check him out here. 

Carlos Aguilar – Big Brown Dad 

Big Brown Dad, Carlos Aguilar is a comedic fatherhood blog written from the perspective of a Mexican-American dad. Carlos shares all things on  living, loving and learning in Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley. Carlos Aguilar is a content strategist and cultural creative whose written and produced reality TV. Those shows cover travel, talk and award shows, documentaries,  commercials, branded content platforms and social media campaigns. Previously, he has worked with A&E, Fox, Lifetime, Hallmark, Telemundo, PBS, Sony, Wells Fargo, Honda, Steve Harvey, Mariah Carey, and Magic Johnson, to name a few. Check out his site here. 

Leo Huang – Daddy Loves Baby 

Leo Huang’s Instagram page, Daddies Love Baby is a visual diary. Therefore on his Instagram page, he chronicles his life with his son. His page is filled with his fatherhood journey with his son.  In addition, Huang adds simple, heartfelt captions, such as “you melt my heart with your smile” or “can’t stop looking at you.” On his son’s birthday, he added a sweet thank you note to his surrogate for making his parenting dream come true. Overall he wants to be a great dad. Therefore his social media page is a celebration of fatherhood and the bond he has with his son. 

Timothy Bearden – Daddy’s Turn 

Timothy Bearden is married to my high school sweetheart. His wife’s name is Jolene. They have two kids, Johanna and Braeden. For Timothy, his kids lighten their home with joy.  In addition, Timothy is a photographer, a dog enthusiast, blog enthusiast, and most importantly a stay at home dad. His site is dedicated to his life taking care of my children and family.  It is his hope to inspire others to take a leap in raising their own children ignoring societal pressures urging them not to.

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