These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 150 – Involved Dads Looking To Share Their Stories 

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to put the spotlight on some involved dads who really care about fatherhood. These dads or dad groups are looking to be inclusive to all dads. They share their stories and create events to bring dads together. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Involved Dads 

InvolvedDad empowers men to be engaged fathers by providing training, coaching, and peer support in a safe environment with other men. In addition, their programs utilize a combination of research-based techniques and approaches informed by mentors that have struggled with the crisis of fatherlessness firsthand. Their mentors encourage men to face the issues and wounds that prevent them from being fathers. Plus they look to address those issues head on, and then empower the men with tools and techniques to manage fatherhood.

Howard County Dads 

At Howard County Dads family comes first. They are a nonprofit corporation on a mission to promote fatherhood involvement within families in and around Howard County, MD. Parenthood is a difficult road to navigate, but modern dads don’t have to travel it alone. By building and sustaining a network of empowered fathers, HCD aims to improve the overall quality of family life in their community. Their program encourages members to support one another through the journey of fatherhood. For new parents or those new to Howard County, having a couple of dad friends can be an indispensable resource. HCD inspires and motivates local fathers to be intentional about making the best of their family time. In addition, they promote fatherhood involvement by sharing advice, hosting family activities, and promoting social engagement through dad gatherings.

Fatherhood Expo – Michael “The Ambassador” Hargrove

The Fatherhood Expo goal was to create a family friendly yet father focused movement and social enterprise. The Fatherhood Expo is an expansion of that enterprise. In addition, the Expo acknowledges, celebrates, encourages, and equips fathers/father figures who have committed to holistically strengthening themselves and their families. It gives fathers an amazing platform of resources and empowerment, and perhaps most importantly, the Expo provides hope. Hope for a dad who may have started his parenting journey like Michael or any other type of father/father figure who wants the best for their child. One who knows that in order to give them the best, they have to become the best parent they can be.

The Involved Dad – Seth Kapoli 

Seth shares his adventures of fatherhood and things I learn along the way. He uses the hashtag, TheInvolvedDad when he shares his fatherhood journey. In addition, Seth had a dream of writing and publishing a book. Now that dream can be checked off his bucket list. He has two fatherhood books over at Amazon. His books are called, The Silly Adventures of Burger and Bacon: The ABC’s at Sea and The Silly Adventures of Burger & Bacon: Learning to Share. 

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