These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 171 – Dads Navigating Through Complicated Fatherhood

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series sharing a few dad podcasts that are talking about all things about fatherhood. No matter if it is easy topics or things that can be seen as complicated fatherhood. Make sure you check out their shows. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Complicated Fatherhood

Complicated Fatherhood is a podcast docu-series exploring what it means to be a father after growing up without one. Over eight episodes, podcast host Ryan Rucker interviews his biological father, Maurice, to understand his childhood, his absence, his attempt to reconnect and ultimately how his legacy and life affects the next generation of fatherhood. 

4 Dads 

The 4 Dads podcast is tailored around a connection with four best friends. These dads share their opinions of what it takes to be a father. Therefore most of the episodes will be centered around dad topics that may not often be discussed. In addition, they share experiences with their families. So they encourage you to sit back, and enjoy the ride with Vince, Tyler, Alex and KeAndre as they share their lives with you! Check out their show here. 

The Dad Tapes

Remember those boxes of vinyls, cassettes and CDs your dad has accumulated over his lifespan? Consider this the new box of cassette tapes that help guide you through fatherhood, on top of bringing a few laughs to your ears weekly. Therefore, the Dad Tapes is about bringing you relatable parenting topics to you on a weekly basis. They are discussing some hard topics that aren’t typically discussed in just your average “parental” conversations. Join Rich and Josh on their weekly ventures and listen with them as they continue to grow not only as fathers and parents, but as men in a modern society.

As Dad As It Gets

This podcast looks to help the modern parent navigate the jungle of parenthood. They cover all sorts of topics that parents can relate to in today’s world. They share stories from all views on fatherhood. In addition they talk about pop culture, such as movies and books. They share some good dad hacks and things that are keeping them up at night as parents. Check out their show wherever you get podcasts. 

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