These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 193 – Dad Entrepreneurs Teaching Their Kids To Go Their Own Way

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I am highlighting dad entrepreneurs. These dads are teaching their kids that they can pave their own path in life. From board games to coaching others, these dads are doing it right. In addition, if there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Dad Entrepreneurs

Jim Moran 

Semper Smart Games creator Jim Moran is a retired Coast Guard officer. In addition he has also been an SAT and ACT tutor for almost two decades. He invented the patent pending PlaySmart Dice system. Jim did this to ensure his daughters achieved fluency in the essential math operations he saw many students struggle with as they prepared for college entrance exams. With his game Election Night!, he wanted to help his daughters learn other things we should know like U.S. geography and the mechanics of the Electoral College. Most importantly, he wanted all kids to have fun with games that encourage them to think big things like running for and becoming President of the United States.

Jeff Attinella 

Jeff Attinella made his mark as a fantastic goalkeeper in the MLS. In addition, Jeff is a children’s book author, husband, dad and avid sports fan. He has been awarded numerous accolades in the soccer world, including First Team All American, Big East Goalkeeper of the Year, and multiple Save of the Week awards throughout his time in Major League Soccer. Jeff is also part of Smack Apparel and loves creating shirts for sports fans. He created this company with his father-in-law after playing in the MLS. Follow him on Twitter at @jeff_attinella1. 

Andrew Hayes 

Andrew Hayes is the Founder and Head of Lifestyle at Alta Coaching, a distinguished authority in holistic habit coaching. With a certified background in personal training, Andrew’s journey into the realm of fitness was a transformative experience that reshaped his approach to health and well-being. Over the course of his 15-year career, Andrew has worked with industry giants such as Apple, Peloton, and Headspace. His journey has led him to establish Alta Coaching, a lifestyle and nutrition program that reflects his dedication to personal growth and well-being. Follow him on Instagram at @andrewhayeslife.

Nick Scrivens

Nick Scrivens is the owner of Fore Fathers Apparel. Fore Fathers set out to create dad clothing that is above and beyond. They do this so that it could keep up with dads who go above and beyond. Nick has a passion for fatherhood. His clothing line was inspired by dad and him wanting to be the best dad he can be. He is showing his kids how follow your passions. In addition, Nick sees the importance of dad groups and that dads need to have their own time to recharge their batteries. Check out all of the Fore Father’s gear at 

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