These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 199 – Dads Connect With Hand In Hand Parenting 

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I am showcasing dads who are work with Hand in Hand parenting. These dads created the Dads Connect forum to help dads and families. In addition, if there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below. 

Blake Adams – Dads Connect 

For Blake, he feels that many families are under incredible strain these days and could use some extra support. Whether you are here for yourself, your child, or your entire family unit, Blake hopes he can help. For those in the Seattle area, he offers in-person play-based therapy for children ages 3-11, in-person family therapy, and in-person or online individual therapy for adults. He also serves caregivers around the globe with online parent coaching, support groups, and Hand in Hand Parenting classes.

Dave Cales 

Dave is a proud father of two grown men. He came to Hand in Hand looking for ways to rebuild his relationship with his sons after years of parenting them the only way he knew how: using punishment & shame in attempts to control their behavior. As he learned more about the Hand in Hand Parenting approach, and Listening Tools in particular, Dave realized that he needed to do some deep internal work. Growing up the Projects of Brooklyn, Dave learned that he had to not show any emotions to feel safe. With the help of Listening Partnerships with other parents, he began to embrace this new parenting approach, using his time and energy to really listen to his sons and give them the space to express themselves. Through the Hand Listening Tools, Dave’s relationship with his sons grew in ways he couldn’t have imagined possible. 

Tom Anderson 

Tom lives with his partner and his two young daughters in Forest Row, East Sussex in the UK. As well as being a Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Tom works in Kent as a Family Case Worker for a children’s charity called Dandelion Time. In this role Tom leads therapeutic activities to help children overcome difficult experiences, develop confidence and self–esteem and discover new and positive pathways to follow in their life. Tom had the opportunity to have 5 months paternity leave with his first daughter which set off his passion for learning and growing as a parent. He now shares the parenting and working equally with his partner – with some much appreciated support from grandparents!

Justin Sloane and Matt Leocha – Dads Support Group 

This group’s aim is to support new dads in their fatherhood journey. Both facilitators, Justin Sloane and Matt Leocha are fathers themselves and are eager to share insight and listen to any concerns or triumphs that you would like to share. Even if just for some humorous camaraderie with others going through similar situations, this group hopes to meet the needs of new and experienced fathers alike. Please note: this group is not a substitution for medical advice or mental health treatment.

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