These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 89 – Great Moments And Movements In Fatherhood

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I wanted to explore some really cool stories in the world of fatherhood. These dads got to experience some special moments or look to help others in their community with some powerful movements to pay it forward. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below.

The Dads Of Dunbar – Dads Mentoring Others 

Dunbar High School is located in a neighborhood of Fort Worth Texas. It is a community with many low or moderate-income residents and a higher-than-average unemployment rate. Some students that go to school there face a number of economic challenges, including living in fatherless homes. Dads of Dunbar began in 2016 and meets at the school on the second Friday of each month. The purpose of the Dads of Dunbar program is to offset challenges by offering positive reinforcement and providing the support often provided by a father. Since 2016 the program has greatly impacted the lives of many children. Some have even returned to the campus to give back their time to other students. Love seeing movements like this in communities.

Dads In Schools – Great Movements To Help Students 

Violence in the Clark County Public schools in Las Vegas was a problem that keeps parents and staff members concerned. One program looking to help out the school system in that area was the Dads in Schools program. Pastor Troy Martinez, who helped start this program said, “This is the community standing up to protect the most precious resource in our state and that’s our children and young adults.” He goes onto say, this group has the responsibility to bring awareness to the community and hopes to involve parents that are wanting to effect positive change in the program. Keep up the great work dads. 

The Hammon Brothers Share A Unique Fatherhood Moment  

Patrick and Brett Hammon become dads within hours of each other. Both brothers are lawyers and now they even share being dads together. Their wives, Courtney and Amanda, each gave birth last month about 12 hours apart. They would meet up for lunch from time to time during the work week and spend some quality time. Now they can even celebrate their kid’s birthdays at the same party. This story will always come up at family gatherings. Just another way for these two brothers to have a special bond. 

Dads Selling Skincare Products To Raise Awareness In Bullying 

Chris Glebatsas and Anthony McDonough suffered from depression growing up. Their mental health struggles was happening throughout their lives after being bullied at school. They wanted to make sure kids these days didn’t have the same issue. They launched Unlabelled a skincare company whose profits go directly to support youth-focused mental-health initiatives. Their daughter, Grace led them to choose the name of the product. Labels put too much pressure on kids, we finally got that after talking to Grace and that’s why we have called it Unlabelled. This is a fantastic story and love hearing about families looking to make a difference. 

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