These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 97 – New Fatherhood Books You Should Check Out 

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I want to share with you some dads who have come out with fatherhood books this year. Some of these books are already out. In addition, there are some are coming out later this year. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below.

Zach Tobin – The Built For This Fatherhood Book 

Zach Tobin has a passion for mentoring first-time dads. Therefore he helps them with the transition to fatherhood. In addition, they can embrace the most important role of their lives with joy and confidence. He wanted to be a dad, he was caught off guard. Therefore, he had numerous concerns and fears that ambushed him when he first learned that his wife was expecting. Now, as a father of four wonderful kids, he’s on a mission to help men prepare for fatherhood in a culture that tends to undervalue the importance of dads. Zach and his family live on a farm in rural Virginia where they can benefit from the same fresh air and earthy childhood that he enjoyed as a kid.

Kenny Harry – Being Invisible Men of Colour Talk About Love, Life, and Fatherhood

Being Invisible: Men of Colour Talk About Love, Life, and Fatherhood is a powerful book. It has insight into the views and thought processes of black fathers who openly talk about their innermost fears. They cover their masculinity, sexist attitudes, parenting styles, family, love and relationships. This book came from countless interviews. These interview came from the Black Fatherhood Group. In addition the book serves as a safe space to delve into the most challenging of subjects. They share views on bringing up children and how men deal with emotions.

Bodé Aboderin – Fatherhood by Papa B 

Bodé Aboderin (AKA Papa B) is a motivational speaker and influencer. He was the only male speaker at Pregnant Then Screwed. It is a festival celebrating mothers with careers, Papa B is going from strength to strength. Above all, whether he’s empowering his viewers to overcome their hurdles on his IGTV series “Papa Don’t Preach!”, or tackling the thought-provoking issues of the day with his wife, Candice Brathwaite, on their weekly podcast “Pillow Talk.” 

Mike Barnick – Fatherhood Secrets: Fatherhood, Family Life And Faith

Mike Barnick gives you all the notes you need to be a good dad. The book is straightforward. In addition it has clarifications and bit-by-bit directions to aid your fatherhood journey. This book guides you to be the dad you want to be. Such countless books are composed for ladies and moms or moms-to-be. Men are referenced. This book changes the structure and is the nearest a man will at any point come to getting a proprietor’s manual for his child!

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