Valentine’s Day…. as a parent I know how hard it is to coordinate a date with my wife around this holiday. A babysitter is hard to come by. Most of them can’t help you out since they are going out themselves to celebrate with their date. Don’t get me started on trying to find a decent restaurant that doesn’t jack up the price of every item on the menu. Plus florists follow the restaurants lead of raising the price tag.

On Valentine’s Day weekend I usually make my kids dinner first and then my wife and I have a nice romantic dinner at home. I will cook her a lobster. I will have a steak. We share a bottle of champagne and we are a happy couple.

Yet there is something missing. What about finding the right Valentine’s Day card for your spouse? You want a card that will make them laugh, but also have a bit of truth as well. If any of you parents are feeling my pain you are in luck. I recently made four Valentine’s Day cards that you can give to your spouse. Feel free to print these fantastic cards out and give them to the love of your life.


I call this Valentine’s Day card The Bedroom. We all want more sleep. For some reason my kids wake us up on the weekend anywhere between six and seven in the morning. Apparently they are STARVING! That is one reason why they don’t want to sleep in on Saturday or Sunday. During the week we have to wake them up for school. Letting your spouse sleep in on the weekend is like money in the bank. This is one of our top selling cards.


This one is for the household who records a ton of shows for everyone in the family and always runs out of DVR space. So if you are looking for a gift that is perfect for your spouse who records a bunch of shows all you need to do is delete all of your shows and keep theirs. Make sure you keep your kid’s shows as well. You don’t want them crying because they can’t watch their favorite cartoons.


Now I know I said earlier in this article about the Valentine’s Day dinner that I make my wife, but what if both of you are tired? What happens when that special day falls on a night where both of you are too worn-out to make a meal? Don’t worry there is a solution. More than likely the dinner you prepared for your kids goes uneaten. They might have eaten half of it. Instead of getting take out and spending a ton of money on an overpriced meal all you need to do is just zap that plate your kid didn’t touch in the microwave and you are good to go. Bon appetite!


For those parents who still have kids in diapers this Valentine’s Day card is very popular. If your significant other is changing more diapers than you this is the card you need to give to them. They will thank you in ways you can only imagine.


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