Voting Stickers For All Occasions

I am happy to report that I voted this week. It seems that with this election a lot of people are taking part in the opportunity to vote before the actual Election Day. Once I was completed my ballot I felt a sense of accomplishment. I did my civic duty.  As I was walking out of the building I was handed an “I Voted” sticker. I know that a lot of people are excited to show the world that they voted. I took the sticker and put it on my shirt. When my daugthers came home from school they were excited to see that I voted. We had a conversation on why it is important to vote.

That night when I took the “I Voted” sticker off my shirt I was thinking what if there were stickers for parents and kids for special moments or milestones in their life. So I created a few stickers that are similar to the one I got when I voted.


I Gave Birth

This one is a no brainer. Ladies you just had a baby! You need to tell the world! Put that sticker right on your hospital gown to let people know you just gave birth. Granted you are in the maternity ward in a hospital and everyone around you knows why you are there, but with all that work you did for nine months you deserve a sticker.


I Lost A Tooth

As a child gets older one of their many milestones is losing their baby teeth. Now most of the time people can see you lost a tooth when you smile. What about the kids who don’t smile? They need to be recognized too! Give them the “I Lost A Tooth” sticker.


We Got A Babysitter

As parents we need some alone time with our spouse. You need to reconnect with your husband or wife. To make sure other people know that your night on the town is really special put on that sticker. Who knows you might get a free appetizer out of it.

I Went Potty

I am not sure which one celebrates this milestone more. Is it the child or the parent? For parents it means no more diapers. For kids it means that they are getting a bit older and more mature. Either way this sticker will let everyone know that your kid is doing his business on the toilet!


I Slept The Whole Night

Now other people outside of your house might know that your child is sleeping through the night based on the fact you don’t look like a zombie. Even with getting a few more hours of uninterrupted sleep parents are still a bit sluggish as they try to keep up with their kids throughout the day. So to make sure your child gets recognized for the new sleep pattern give then a sticker.

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