Baby….The Gathering: The Geekiest Birth Announcement

Magic, The Gathering gets a few new cards in the deck. The internet was treated to one of the best birth announcements. The story starts with a user account called Chimera Of Ebony on Imgur. She shared her story of how she wanted to surprise her husband about being pregnant. Check out this fun and geeky story about a her unique birth announcement to her husband.

The Backstory On The Birth Announcement 

She writes on Imgur, “My husband and I decided more than 1 ½ years ago to stop using birth control. We both agreed that if we were to have kids, we were at the right place in our lives; stable jobs, our own home, and had agreed that we wanted to have a child together. So now it finally happened I wanted to surprise him in a fun way.”

She continues, “We both play Magic the Gathering, so I figured it would be great to create a card as the surprise – further, he could keep the card as a memento. The plan was simple: The card was placed among the others, making sure to not place it in the front or back so he couldn’t feel the difference upon taking out the cards. The prints were simply glued onto the accompanying token in the package.” 

How She Did It 

She was very careful when opening the booster. For her, she purposely opened the pack on the bottom as her husband has a habit of opening them from the top. She also made sure not to rip up the back of the booster to make it easier to conceal the fact that it had been opened. The bottom was glued together and she went home from work with her little surprise gift. It is not unusual for her to bring home a booster pack for him when she would go to the bookstore. She felt pretty confident that he wouldn’t be suspicious.

She gave it to him Monday evening, and he opened the booster without ever realizing something was wrong, neatly opening it from the top and reading through the cards in the booster one by one as anticipated. In her mind was two words, mission accomplished!

Huge Response 

Once this story started going viral she wanted to recap what happened after she shared her story. She wrote, “First off, I honestly didn’t think this would get so popular. For me it was a simple. “Look at this funny little thing I did since I can’t show it to my friends yet”-thing. Both the congrats and the funny responses have been an absolute joy to read. However, though the post was not intended as a story of how my husband reacted, I understand from the comments that a lot of people would still like to know.”

She continues, “In short, he was speechless when he came upon the card. He sat looking at it for I don’t know how long, before going Old Spice-style with looking back and forth between me and the card. We spent the rest of the evening on the couch hugging and talking. In the morning he started researching schools and ordered baby books online.”

I want to congratulate Chimera Of Ebony for her creativity. What a fun and unique way to tell her husband the great news. That is a story they can pass on to their child. 

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