Brian Lynch Talks Fatherhood, Sixth Grade Superstar, Writing Movies & More 

Brian Lynch sits down with me to talk about his fatherhood journey. He shares the values he learned from his parents that he is passing down to his son. Brian shares the life lessons he has learned from his son. After that we talk about his new book, Sixth Grade Superstar and how it inspired him to get back into drawing as well as writing. Brian shares his creative process and not only talks about writing movies, but amusement rides as well. Lastly, we finish the interview with the Fatherhood Quick Five. 

About Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch is a film and comic book writer. Lynch was the initial writer and co-creator with Joss Whedon of Angel: After the Fall for IDW Publishing, and is best known for writing the screenplays for the films Puss in Boots, Secret Life of Pets, and Minions. Brian also worked on Spider-man and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books as well. Sixth Grade Superstar is a hilarious coming of age story written and illustrated by Brian. Follow Brian on Twitter @BrianLynch and Instagram @brianmichaellynch. In addition, pick up his book Sixth Grade Superstar on Amazon.  

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About The Art of Fatherhood Podcast 

The Art of Fatherhood Podcast follows the journey of fatherhood. Your host, Art Eddy talks with fantastic dads from all around the world where they share their thoughts on fatherhood. You get a unique perspective on fatherhood from guests like Joe Montana, Kevin Smith, Danny Trejo, Jerry Rice, Jeff Foxworthy, Patrick Warburton, Jeff Kinney, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Kyle Busch, Dennis Quaid, Dwight Freeney and many more.

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