Collector of The Week – A Geeky Collection From A Galaxy Far, Far Away 

A new week means a new post for Collector of the Week here at The Art of Fatherhood. As a fellow geek and collector of all things Pop Culture I wanted to showcase some cool collections that dads share in our community. We love to see this passion in what people collect. We talk about the latest movies, sports memorabilia, a movie from a far away galaxy, comic books and video games that we are enjoying at the moment.

This Week’s Collector – A Geeky Collection From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This week’s collection is from Greg. Greg is an awesome dad and has a very cool Star Wars collection. This is what Greg wrote about his collection. 

So let me say that I don’t really call myself a ‘collector’, not in the usual sense anyway. I don’t have hundreds of mint, unopened, original Kenner Star Wars figures (I wish!), but I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid, and have picked up a few thinks along the way.

I’ve got Pop Vinyls of Rey, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren and a First Order Stormtrooper, and a couple of Disney Infinity figures that I picked up in a discount store. Not to play the game with, just because I liked the figures!

More On His Collection

I’ve got 2 pieces of canvas wall art in my place, a four section piece of the Falcon, and another single canvas of Kylo Ren, lightsaber ready to strike. As well as a few books that people have gifted me over the years, I’ve got 2 Metal Earth model kits of the Falcon and a Star Destroyer. Very fiddly to build, but I think the look awesome! And I’ve also got Lego. Real Lego, in the shape of the TIE pilot helmet, and an X Wing, and the largest item in my small collection, the Fake Falcon! 100% not legit LEGO, bought from Wish for about $180 during the pandemic. It might look a bit dodgy in places, but it was great fun to build and I love having it on display in my apartment. 

Thanks for sharing Greg. I like the collection and the Metal Earth model kits look amazing. The Falcon canvas too! 

Whatcha Got? 

It can be comic books, bottle caps, records, helmets or whatever you are into! I want to see what your passion is and why you started up that collection. For me, I believe that in each collection lies a better story. I want to share your story! Feel free to reach out to me and share your collection.  If you enjoyed this post check out another Collector of the Week article.

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