Comic Book Movie Soundtracks That Work Well At New Year’s Eve Parties 

As we celebrate the New Year with family and friends, part of throwing a great party is having good music. Some of your guests might be tired of the holiday music by now. Therefore you want to make sure you have solid playlist. I have an interesting playlist that you can use for the New Year’s Eve parties. Some of the best party songs or music that goes along with New Year’s Eve are songs from superhero movies. It might sound odd, but check out the playlist below. Let me know in the comment section what type of music you like to have at your NYE party. 

Into The Spider-Verse For New Year’s Eve Parties 

One of the best comic book movies of all time has one of the best movie soundtracks of all time. I enjoy the album, but What’s Up Danger and Sunflower are my two favorites. The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Soundtrack from & Inspired by the Motion Picture) is great to have on in the background while you and your family and friends are enjoying time together. 

Black Panther: The Album

Just like Into The Spider-Verse, Black Panther’s soundtrack is great from start to finish. Initially, Ryan Coogler said that that Kendrick Lamar was originally going to do a few songs on the album. After the two spoke about the movie, Lamar wanted to do the whole album. I am so glad he did. Pray For Me and All The Stars are on repeat year round, but the album is an absolute must for your New Year’s Eve party. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volumes 1 & 2 

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies were a surprise for all of us comic geeks. From the writing to the actors to the soundtrack, those two movies are legit. The songs on these two albums are feel good hits from yesteryear. In addition some of these party anthems will get your New Year’s Eve party going all the way until midnight or whenever you and your family can stay up. There are few songs that can even go along with the ball drop as you head into the new year. 

Iron Man 2 Soundtrack 

This album is pretty much a AC/DC greatest hits album, but it is still a banger. Some of the songs were actually in Iron Man 2, while the others songs on the soundtrack were either in the trailers or from the original Iron Man movie. Shoot to Thrill and Highway to Hell were used  in the Iron Man 2, while one song Back in Black was actually featured in the first film. Thunderstruck, War Machine, and The Razors Edge were used in trailers and commercials for the film.

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