What Is Your Parenting Soundtrack?

When you hear a certain song it takes you back to the first time you heard it. It can bring back a significant moment in your life. Music can make you time travel. It bubbles up all of the emotions you were feeling at that time. There are certain songs that bring back memories that I cherish as a father. I wanted to share are few songs that make up my parenting soundtrack. What are yours? Share your songs from your parenting soundtrack in the comment section below. 

The Early Years 

When my oldest was a baby my wife and I played music when it was bedtime. One of the songs was Return to Pooh Corner. We received a CD from our baby shower that had a cover of that song on it. So when I hear that song it takes me back to when I first became a dad. Another song that reminds me when my kids were babies is Free Fallin’. It is not the original song by Tom Petty. It was a cover done by John Mayer. That song would come on and I would dance with them when they were babies. 

Toddler Tunes 

When pre-school came around for my kids the music started changing. It was not only my music, but my daughters started to pick out some of the tunes. They really enjoyed the Choo-Choo Soul soundtrack. The number one song that would be on repeat was ABC Gospel. Not only did it help my kids learn the alphabet, but it was a catchy song. We would also have dance parties at night to tire them out around their bedtime. We would listen to Lady Gaga and Beyonce. They liked to dance to Single Ladies and The Edge of Glory. 

It’s Elementary My Dear 

As my daughters entered elementary school the soundtrack started leaning towards music from Disney movies. One of the songs that will stay with me is I See the Light from Tangled. They loved that song so much. One time I hung up paper lanterns in their room. After dinner my wife and I surprised our girls with the lanterns. They were so excited as we turned on lights and the song from Tangled. So when I hear that song it harkens back to that time. I was able to share some of my songs too. One in particular was the Gap Band’s You Dropped A Bomb On Me. My youngest really loves that song. That is definitely a song that is on my parenting soundtrack. 

Present Day 

Now as my daughters are getting older most of the songs that is on our playlist is of their choosing. I am very cool with that. It is great to see what type of music they are into. It shows me a glimpse into their style. They have introduced me to some sensational artists. We are enjoying the Hamilton soundtrack too. One of the songs we all vibe to right now is The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights. I feel that music is a great way to bond with your kids. My family and I enjoy sharing music with each other. I am guessing you and your family does as well. Make sure you share what songs are on your parenting soundtrack. 

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