Songs For Each Stage In Your Child’s Life

Last year I asked you what was your parenting soundtrack. I shared certain meaningful songs that took me back to certain moments from my fatherhood journey when my kids were babies to toddlers to present day. Some of these songs would be when I would dance with my daughters when they were babies to the songs now we all enjoy as a family. This time this “playlist” can be universal. It is just fun look at the different stages of parenthood that could be the anthem for each stage of your child’s life. What’s songs did I miss? Let me know in the comment section below. 

Early Stage of Your Child’s Life – From Birth To Their 2nd Year 

The first song is a song from Stevie Wonder. It was a song that was playing in my head when both of my daughters were born. It is Isn’t She Lovely. This song to me is a great parenting anthem for when your child is born. Another song in this stage is from the Beastie Boys helps to describe something all parents go through when their baby is having those sleepless nights. It is of course the party anthem No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Now when you first heard that song you were probably getting ready to go out with friends or heart it at a party. Now that song means something different for you. Don’t stress though young parents this moment will pass. Sleep is in your future. 

The Toddler Stage – From 2nd Year To The 5th Year 

This stage is fun, but you will need to have a lot of energy to be a parent to a toddler. They have crazy amounts of pep in their step. One song that immediately comes to mind is Why by Annie Lennox. Toddlers are constantly asking you questions. They are curious and want answers for everything that pops into their head. Another song that from this stage is when they start learning how to walk, so naturally Fats Domino’s song, I’m Walking is part of the playlist for this age range. 

The Kid Stage From The 5th Year To The 10th Year 

Lot of parents and kids love this stage when it comes to hanging out. Kids want to play with their parents and want to spend as much time with them. Lots of fun and good times in this stage. One song that comes to mind is Happy from Pharrell Williams. This song just radiates happiness and good times. In the same mindset as Happy, the song, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves is a fantastic song since your kids see you as cool and possible their hero. That makes you feel like you are walking on sunshine. 

The Tween And Teenage Stage 

The last stage that I will share since I am still in this stage with my kids. We still make sure we have quality time as a family. Yet as they are finding their way in the world it is good to see them looking to walk their own path. One song that follows that notion is Taylor Swift’s, A Place in This World. This hits a few points since my family are fans of Taylor Swift, but the idea of them trying to find their place is the major point. Everyday is not sunshine and rainbows and as a parent with teenagers you will butt heads with each other and Tears For Fears’ Everybody Wants to Rule the World needs to be on this list. 

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