Ivan Decker Talks Fatherhood, New Comedy Special, Popcorn & More 

Ivan Decker sits down with me to talk about his fatherhood journey. He shares the values he looks to instill into his son. In addition, he gives a great dad hack about cutting your baby’s fingernails. After that we talk about his new comedy special, Popcorn. I ask Ivan how he balances fatherhood and parenting … Read more

Madeline Lauf Talks Begin Health, Gut Health And Nutrition 

Madeline Lauf stops by to talk about her company Begin Health. We talk about the benefits of kids eating right. In addition, Madeline shares the benefits of prebiotics and how her company’s product, Growing Up Prebiotics can improve your kid’s gut health and digestive system. After that we talk about how parents need to talk … Read more

Parents Should Trust Their Gut When It Comes To Their Toddler’s Health 

When you first become a parent you have so many questions running around in your head. You want to be the best parent you can be. The more you travel down your parenting journey you realize that you start to trust your gut. You know what makes them tick. In addition, you know what battles … Read more

Songs For Each Stage In Your Child’s Life

Last year I asked you what was your parenting soundtrack. I shared certain meaningful songs that took me back to certain moments from my fatherhood journey when my kids were babies to toddlers to present day. Some of these songs would be when I would dance with my daughters when they were babies to the … Read more

You Need To Check Out What Life Skills This Preschool Is Teaching Toddlers

Picking out your child’s preschool is a lot tougher these days. It seems like schools are raising the stakes to make sure that you choose their school over the competition. I remember that my wife and I wanted to send our kids to a preschool that was similar to what they would experience in kindergarten. … Read more

Brandon Copeland Talks Fatherhood, Managing Your Finances, Football & More

Brandon Copeland is a Renaissance man. Not only is playing football on the highest level in the NFL, but there is much more to him than that. Brandon and his wife, Taylor operate two real estate companies and a nonprofit organization called Beyond the Basics Inc. Plus Brandon is a professor of a financial literacy … Read more