You Need To Check Out What Life Skills This Preschool Is Teaching Toddlers

Picking out your child’s preschool is a lot tougher these days. It seems like schools are raising the stakes to make sure that you choose their school over the competition. I remember that my wife and I wanted to send our kids to a preschool that was similar to what they would experience in kindergarten. Thankfully we chose wisely and were very happy with the preschool we selected.

A School Looking To Break The Mold – From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted

A few schools are looking to stand out from the rest. One that comes to mind is the From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted. This school prides itself on giving toddlers “the ability to be self-sufficient in all aspects of life.”

That is a tall order for any school to make especially when you are dealing with students who might not be able to tie their own shoes. Yet this school claims that they can have their students learn and apply ten life skills they will need in life before they graduate to kindergarten. Here are the ten skills they look to teach their students.

10 Life Skills Kids Should Learn In Preschool

Texting Parents

Each student is given a smart phone and has to at least send out 30 texts to their parents over the school year. As the From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted Headmaster, James Howlett states, “Everyone is on their smartphone. If toddlers can text their parents, then they can open up a line of communication that parents seem to enjoy the most and will most likely respond to their kids.”

Get an Internship

This might seem a bit odd since the common age for kids to start a part-time job is 15 years old. Yet the From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted school doesn’t see that as a deal breaker. They feel that more and more people are working from home now. They want their students to at least start up an internship at a place where they can work from home.

“We see a lot of people telecommuting these days. Why not start kids early in their career planning.” says Mr. Jeffery Riddell, who is a certified Level 5 Pre-K teacher.

Learn to Code and Develop an App

Coding and S.T.E.M classes are all the rage right now. This preschool feels that coding is an essential part of the curriculum. Some of the past graduates even created the latest version of the school’s website.

“Do I even need to say why this is necessary? Unless you are using a flip phone you run your life on at least three to four different apps.” Headmaster Howlett tells us. He feels that each toddler that develops an app has the skills to make it far in life. Each student is presented a category from food to games to sports to finance. They have to create an app on that topic. Some of the most recent trending apps have been from graduates that went to From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted.

Cook a Simple Meal

Kids tend to eat more variety of foods when they are part of the meal preparation. From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted believes that every toddler can make pasta and meatballs and other simple meals that they can cook for the family when the parents are running late and had to stay at the office to meet that deadline.

Create an Impressionism Portfolio

One the best ways to encourage creativity and thinking outside of the box is through art. “Impressionism is a very easy form of art for toddlers to create. Our three week course might seem intense, but their finished portfolio opens up doors to places like Maryland Institute College of Art and MIT.” says Janeen Balsam, who is the Art Director at the preschool.

Learn about Fashion

From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted is tired of hearing the excuse of kids dressing themselves when they are wearing mismatched clothing. With their fashion class they learn what to wear and how you should never, ever wear white after Labor Day.

Fold a Fitted Sheet

We have seen many attempts at people giving instructions on how to fold a fitted sheet. Yet for From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted they pride themselves on solving that mystery. That course is one where parents seem to stay on campus to see if they can learn that secret too. 

Start up a Non-Profit

One of the ways to get into a good college is to show that school that you are well rounded. Created a non-profit is a sure fire way to get a college to notice you. Depending on the success of that non-profit it has been well documented that toddlers skip elementary school and go right into high school. 

Throw a Party Using Sign-up Genius

How many times have us room parents created a Sign-up Genius for classroom parties? For From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted they put the responsibility into the hands of the kids. If they want to throw an end of the year party well they will need to organize it themselves. 

Complete a Marathon

“What good is a strong mind if you don’t have a strong body to go with it?” That is the question that is proposed by Tim Wilkins, who is the Athletic Director of From Apples To Acumen Preschool For The Gifted.

Their students train the very first week for the Twin Cities Marathon. Most of them graduate with not only a diploma, but a 26.2 bumper sticker that they can put on their tricycle at home.

So if this sounds like a preschool that your kids will enjoy all you need is to play the yearly tuition of $65,890. Need an application?

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