Dad Rents Out Park For Dads Only After Mom Group Excludes Him From Local Meet-Ups

Scott Williams had enough of these mom groups! He needed to create a dads only group.

Scott felt like he was always left out of the reindeer games because he was a dad. There were a ton of fun meet ups, but the moms treated him as if he had leprosy when he showed up to an event with his two kids.

“I want my kids to play with children their age. I felt that these meet ups were a great way for my kids to make new friends.” Williams said.

Friend Requests

Scott has two kids, one boy and one girl. They both are in preschool and most of their friends go to daycare after school gets out. He is looking for his kids to make new friends. He wants them to build up their social skills.

His wife suggested that he check out the parent meet up groups in the area. Unfortunately for Scott mostly all of the parents at each event were moms and acted like he wasn’t there. “I felt like I was back in high school. All of the cool kids wouldn’t give me the time of day.” Scott told me. 

No More Mr. Nice Guy

One day Scott took his kids to the local book store for story time. Even though Scott and his kids got to the store fifteen minutes before the event started the kid section was covered wall to wall with moms and their kids. He asked one mother if she could move one of her two blankets so he and his kids could participate. Yet the woman just ignored him. Scott and his kids left since there as no room.

“Really, two blankets for one child? Looks like she is not teaching her kid how to share!” Scott told me.

On the drive home Scott remembered that one his friends works for the town and had an idea. He wanted to rent out the park one day and create a fun event. There was going to be a magician, a bounce house and an ice cream bar. That night he asked his friend if he could rent out part of the park. His friend pulled some strings at the town office. The following week Scott would have half of the park all to himself for his event.

No Moms AllowedDads Only

Scott hyped up the event on the local Facebook page. To his delight, he saw all the moms that have been excluding him respond on that message board. He read about how much fun their kids are going to have that day at the park. The day had finally came. Scott had some of this friends who are dads to take the day off and bring their kids to the park. Williams taped off the section he rented and had a copy of his permit.

As the bounce house was being inflated he saw a caravan of moms start down the park path. As the moms were getting ready to move the tape and Scott ran to them. He jumped over and said that this was a private party and asked if they had an invitation.

Most of the moms told him that since they gave it a like and a comment that they are coming on the Facebook page that it meant they could come to the event. Scott was grinning when he denied them from coming any further. He told them that the party was full.

According to Scott most of the moms left in anger. A few stayed and tried to argue that their kids should be able to participate. He showed them the permit which stated that it was his party. He had the authority to allow or deny people into the event.

The Last Laugh

As the rest of the moms were stomping away he yelled, “Not so fun is it? Now you know how it feels! Next time you should let everyone participate even if it is the dad who is bringing the kids!”

“It wasn’t my best look, but it felt really good.” Scott said. “I am sick of my kids not being included in any of these meet up events. I probably will get mean stares the next event. Hopefully they will treat dads a bit different in the future.”

Scott made his message was loud and clear. He felt he got even with the moms in the meet-up group. Hopefully Scott and the moms can coexist in upcoming events. Only time will tell.

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