Dad Creates A One Of A Kind Stanley Cup, Sells For Thousands Online 

Rod Crosby was never a trendsetter when he was in school. He never had the designer jeans or the right sneakers, but that did not faze him. Now as a dad with two teenagers, Rod has been hounded by his kids for him to get them the latest fads. Whether it was a certain shirt, phone or now drinking cup, his kids pleaded with him to get one of those items. If Rod’s kids caught him at the right moment, he would cave. Unfortunately for his kids, Rod did not want to buy them a Stanley Cup for school. After a few arguments about not getting them the cup, Rod decided to make them his own version of the Stanley Cup.   

Wrong Kind Of Stanley Cup 

Rod was flabbergasted when he saw how much a Stanley Cup costs. Then he saw all the accoutrements that went with that cup. He almost got whiplash from shaking his head from all the nonsense about a cup. What made that cup so special? He didn’t get it, but he went to his shop and made his kids a very unique and one of a kind Stanley Cup. Crosby used his 3D printer to create a cup. He used the NHL Stanley Cup for the shape of the cup. He flipped it over for the larger side to be the top of the cup. He got a Stanley sticker and put it on the new mug. He put a bow on it and set it on the kitchen table for when his kids got home from school. 

His Kids Tell Him To Sell It Online 

“Daaaaaaaaaaaaad, that is not funny!” That is what he heard downstairs as his kids got home from school. He joked that they have a one of a kind mug and their classmates will be so jealous. One of his kids took the mug to school and his friends were in awe. They wanted one just like his and asked where he go it. Rod’s son said it is a one of kind. When Rod’s son got home from school, he convinced Rod to sell it online. “We could make millions!” 

Rod scoffed at that idea, but was curious to see how much they would get for it since the regular cups are high priced as it is. Then next morning, Rod checked the online auction and the highest bid was $15,000. He did a double take and asked his kids to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. The ending bid was $35,000. What once started as a joke, ended in a $35,000 payoff. When he got the money, he took his kids to the store to purchase any mug they wanted since they were the inspiration behind all of this! 

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  1. Not sure if this is real or not, but I had a good laugh reading this. I showed this to my daughter. She is obsessed with Stanley cups. I honestly don’t get it. 😂

    • So glad the story made you laugh!!! That was the whole goal.

    • Haha! Glad you liked this, Danielle! Thanks for reading it.

    • Thank you for checking out the article!!


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