One Person’s Junk Is Another Person’s Prize 

There are moments in my life where I am realizing that I am becoming more of an adult. I am shedding some of my kid-like ideas about life. Losing some of those ideas makes me sad because I feel like there is a purity in the way kids look at the world. On the flip-side, there are some things that I am glad to see as an adult. One of those things is the prize section of a Dave and Busters. I took my daughter to our local one because she enjoys playing the games. In addition, she loves winning tickets in hopes that she can take home a fantastic prize. Is it a prize or is it just junk? 

Is It Junk Or Is It A Prize? 

I saw a post on social media about a dad who took his kids to Chuck E. Cheese to learn lessons about finance and money. That is a great idea to show your kids the value of a dollar. He taught them about the different costs of each game and which games gives them the most tickets. It is a fun lesson on the basic idea of return on investment. So kudos, to that dad who was mixing fun while teaching them about money. 

Getting back to me and my daughters time at D&B we loaded up the card with credits to play games. After a few video games we wanted to play she quickly shifted her focus on winning tickets. We scanned the gaming area to see what games would give us the best chance to win a ton of tickets. I told her that we would not play the “Claw” game because you are playing a game you can’t win. The claw game is enticing, but just like Vegas, Dave & Busters is not built on winners. We played a bunch of games and won a decent amount of tickets….or so we thought. 

The Winner’s Circle Of Junk 

As we drained the last few credits on the game card we made our way over to the winner’s circle prize area. The true winner is Dave & Busters. They get kids to take away the prizes that cost families about 40 dollars to win. The actual value of said prize is something you can find at one of those dollar stores. Those prizes look so bright and shiny because of all the bells and whistles going off in the building. My daughter was almost going to get a bunch of ten cent candy with her winnings. I told her that we can save the tickets on the card and when we come back, we can keep adding to the ticket total to get a prize she would really want. What really matters to me is that my daughter and I had a bunch of laughs playing games together. Thankfully, I didn’t need any tickets for that! 

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  1. LOL, great piece, Art. It is funny how when you turn a certain age all those treasures you see at the prize area becomes junk!


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