One Person’s Junk Is Another Person’s Prize 

There are moments in my life where I am realizing that I am becoming more of an adult. I am shedding some of my kid-like ideas about life. Losing some of those ideas makes me sad because I feel like there is a purity in the way kids look at the world. On the flip-side, … Read more

Jason & Devin McCourty Talk Fatherhood, Football, Their Foundation & More

Jason and Devin McCourty sit down with me to talk about their fatherhood journey. We talk about what life lessons they have learned from their kids. In addition, Jason and Devin share what impresses them each about the other’s dad skills. After that we talk about their time in the NFL. They share a fantastic … Read more

Tom Coughlin Talks Fatherhood, New Book, Coaching & More 

Tom Coughlin and I talk about his fatherhood journey. We discuss the values he is looked to instill into his kids as they were growing up. After that we talk about his new book, A Giant Win: Inside the New York Giants’ Historic Upset over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Coach Coughlin … Read more