PTA Looks To Raise Money For School With A Hot Dads Calendar 

Fundraising can be very tricky for schools. Parents, kids and even the school staff get tired of trying to solicit money from family and friends. The magazine orders and candy drive are played out. How can you raise awareness for the fundraiser and collect money for your school that is not using an old or boring? Well one middle school in Springfield figured a way to create some buzz in their community. The PTA suggested a Hot Dads Calendar to raise money. What could possibly go wrong? 

Get Your Hot Dads Calendar Here! 

Helen Love, who is the leader of the PTA was first startled by the suggestion of the hot dads calendar. She was worried that this might send the wrong message for the middle school. Yet, Bernice Hibbert convinced Helen to go through with it. After the PTA and the school administrative staff surprisingly approved the idea the biggest issue was how they were going to find twelve dads to be in the calendar. The school sent an email looking for “hot dads” for the fundraiser. Overnight the school got an abundance of entries. Some good. Some not so good. The PTA was very kind in their responses and selected the top twelve dads they thought would raise the most money for the school. 

Ready For Their Close Up 

The whole school community was clamoring to see who made the calendar. Because of all the hype the PTA only told the twelve dads where they were doing the photoshoot. In addition the dads could not bring any family members or friends to the photo session. The session took the whole day, but the PTA was happy with the way the hot dads calendar was turning out. Two weeks later there was a calendar reveal party. Needless to say there were some uncomfortable moments between the dads who made the calendar and the ones who didn’t. Yet, the fundraiser was a success. It looks like this might become a tradition at the school. Dads, if this happened at your kid’s school would you want to be in that calendar? 

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