Dad Wants Pack & Ship Stores To Have A Special Lane For Prepared People 

This time of the year, you have so many things that need to get done. Your “To Do” list keeps on growing. You can’t wait to celebrate the holiday with your family on that special day, but each day you seem like you are always running errands. The whole time is money proverb is a legit thing during the holidays. One dad wanted to make sure he wasn’t waiting any time while he was out and about. George Peterson emailed a petition to all of the shipping companies to have a special lane for customers who have all their ducks in a row. This is only for people with their parcels and packages that are labeled and ready to ship out. 

A Special Lane For Prepared People 

For Peterson it is simple. “It is really frustrating when you are at the post office, UPS or FedEx store and you are behind people who have no clue what they are doing.” Peterson continues, “How on earth would you ever leave your house with boxes that are not even taped up. There are no address labels. They are completely unprepared.” Peterson goes on to tell me that he thinks companies should make it easy for people who are prepared. “The lines wouldn’t be so long if companies rewarded people like me. After a while people who don’t like being in a lane that doesn’t move that fast, will get their act together before they come to the store.” 

No Response Yet 

As of yet George has not heard back from any company. He knows that he should have thought of this idea in October. “If I don’t hear from them this year, you best believe that I will start this campaign earlier next year.” Peterson told me. It is great to see someone with that much passion for something, but he might be fighting an uphill battle. Hopefully he will get his wish and those people who plan ahead will be rewarded. 

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