These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 1

Ever since I started working in this dad space I have come in contact with many great dads out there. Not only have I created some fantastic friendships, but I have learned how to be a better dad from conversations I have had with these dads. Recently I started thinking about how I wanted to put the spotlight on dads who you should learn more about if you haven’t already. From time to time I will be adding more dads in this Dads Are Doing This Right series. For now let me introduce you to these outstanding dads. 

James Lopez – Presence Over Presents 

James Lopez is a dad that came up with the hashtag #FatherhoodIsLit. He is a father of 3 boys and he encourages dads to enjoy the journey of fatherhood. James is a tech entrepreneur and founder of The Phat Startup and Tech 808. James considers himself a Hip Hop dad, who was born and raised in the South Bronx of New York City. He is all about spending quality time with his kids and finding events or activities that are fun for all of us. James practices what he preaches. If you follow him on social media you will see that he is all about hanging out with his kids and supporting other dads out there.  

He started Cool4Dads to give people like him an outlet to learn and share information about cool things we like to do with our greatest gifts, our kids. His mission is to reinforce that being present doesn’t have to be boring. It can be as simple as a day at the park or a special neighborhood event. Follow James on Twitter at @imjamesjlopez and go to his website

D’Anthony Ward – Showcasing The Joys Of Fatherhood 

I really enjoy following D’Anthony on Instagram. Not only does he share that dad life, but he has great videos that we all can relate to. D’Anthony says, “Have you ever bought a car, then you suddenly see that same car all over the roads? Yep, that’s pretty much how it was when I became a dad.” He is spot on. There is a lot of truth in that. Also make sure you check out his podcast. THE DADVOCATE Podcast discusses topics from entertainment & culture to everyday parenting while highlighting the unique perspective of fathers from different backgrounds. Follow him on Instagram at @dad_vlog. 

Creed Anthony – Teaching Us One Thing At A Time 

One of the first friends I have made in this parenting space is Creed Anthony. Not only does he have a great take on fatherhood, but he breaks things down so well. He is your stop and smell the roses writer. After reading his work you can enjoy things in a way you never have thought about before. He is a teacher too. So he knows the importance of guiding the next generation on the right path. If that isn’t impressive enough Creed is he only dad blogger endorsed* by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the only blogger to outrun a cheetah. So if you want to learn more about Creed follow his work on his site at My Captain’s Log. 

Jeff Bogle – Kicking It Old School And New School  

Jeff Bogle is another OG dad that I have met early on in my dad blogging days. Bogel and his daughters have traveled the world. Jeff enjoys many things in life, but music, sports and photography are some of his passion points. I say Jeff is kicking old school and new school for a few reasons. Jeff is inventing new ways on how to look at life which can be found on his website at Out With The Kids. Yet, he just started a very cool project that takes it back to the old school. While many people are driving for that digital space, Jeff is giving us something that harkens back to the good ol’ days. He started Stanchion Literary Zine. It is a magazine that has flash fiction, short stories, poetry, thoughts and photography. He showcases a bunch of great talent in that space. You can pick up the magazine HERE. Follow Jeff’s adventures on his website Out With The Kids where he combines life and fatherhood in a very cool way. 

Greg Washington – Uniting Dads All Around The World 

Greg Washington is someone who brings dads together which is a tough task right now during this pandemic. From his different Facebook Live shows to including people in group chats, Greg is a pillar in many dad communities. He looks to bring everyone into the conversation. Plus if you are looking for a new beer to try out Greg is your huckleberry. He will set you up with a beer that you suites your style. Make sure you check out his site Daddy Porter HERE. 

Chad Milner – Knowing Superman Wears Timbs 

I got to meet Chad at one of the Dad 2.0 Summits. I knew of his work before we met in person, but was glad to meet in Washington D.C. Chad loves talking about fatherhood and music. These are two of my passions as well. Recently he created a very cool dad-centric documentary called Superman With Timbs On. This is a docu-series that explores the complex and often misrepresented insights of black fatherhood. In the series, fifteen fathers, born between 1979 and 1991 speak on their experiences to answer the question “What happens when the first group of men, born into the hip hop generation, grow up and become fathers?” You can check out the series on his YouTube channel HERE! 

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