These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 98 – Help James Lopez Founder Of Fatherhood Is Lit 

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I wanted to help get information out there for a dad who needs our help. James Lopez is a friend I have made through this incredible dad community. He started Cool4Dads to give people like him an outlet to learn and share information about cool things dads like to do with our greatest gifts, our kids. James Lopez came up with the hashtag #FatherhoodIsLit. He is a father of 3 boys and he encourages dads to enjoy the journey of fatherhood. We have bonded over fatherhood, sneakers and more. Now he is need of our help. He is an excellent example of a dad consistently doing things right. 

James Lopez And His Family Need Our Help 

Not only would he and I talk here and there at different dad conferences, but we would chat on the phone over the years. We talk about our families, work, sneakers and more. Earlier this year he had brain surgery. I reached out after his surgery and he got back to me that he was doing okay. After not seeing him on social media sharing another cool fatherhood adventure with his kids I started to get nervous. One of the dad groups that I am in started sharing the same concern. Last week we found out that he fell and is now in a coma. We found out the tragic news from his wife. 

This is from his wife, Kim on the GoFundme page. She wrote, “Tragically, he fell and injured himself which currently has him back in the hospital. James has suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and will need intensive rehab and medical treatment which will be costly even with insurance. This is not the reason or method that James would have ever chosen to raise funds but this is what is needed at this time. Please keep him in your hearts, minds and prayers and please continue his mission of being that dad your kids can brag about.” If you want to help out you can do so by going to his GoFundMe page HERE. Any donation will help and James and his family will be very grateful. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. We are rooting for you James! 

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