These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 100 – Dads You Need To Follow On Instagram 

This week’s for the Dads Doing It Right series I want to highlight dads who you should follow on Instagram. From DIY tips to hilarious videos these dads are some great content creators. They are sharing their dad adventures with us and I wanted to make sure you know of them. If there are any other dads that you think we should check out leave their name and info in the comment section below.

Lee – Dad Download

Capturing the most endearing moments of everyday family life, Dad Download transforms them into memorable, digital pieces of art that he posts across Instagram, creating a gallery that displays his journey as a parent. From relatable posts about everyday parental experiences to hilarious images of kids getting up to no good, Dad Download is a space for all to enjoy. Check out his Instagram page here. 

Nigel – A Not So Funny Dad On Instagram 

Nigel is a dad to two kids and he lives in the UK with his wife. Even though his Instagram page says he is not a funny day, he will put a smile on your face with his parenting content. Nigel shares his fun relationships with his kids. Nigel is always looking to have fun and create  memories with his kids. Check out his content here. 

The Honest Dad 

This dad was reluctant to write about being a dad. It took a fair amount of persuasion from his wife and two very good friends. After that he started sharing his fatherhood journey. The Honest Dad has been his way of vocalizing, expressing and sharing the ups and downs of parenthood. He writes about being a dad. He reviews all sorts of products and on the odd occasion, he does offer a bit of advice from what he has learned over the years about being a dad. Therefore if you want to learn more about him check him out here! 

Simon – Father of Daughters 

Even though Simon feels a bit outnumbered in the house he know fatherhood is a blessing. In a recent post he shared his thoughts on his fatherhood journey. He feels privileged to have four young women call him ‘dad’. For him, it is an honor that he gets to accompany them on their journey through life, to laugh with them about stupid stuff and to act live like an adult sized child. In addition, Simon is constantly learn from them. They may groan at his jokes and for them to find everything he does infinitely embarrassing. Yet, he is privileged that he gets to cheer them on from the side lines, to celebrate their wins and be the shoulder they cry on when things don’t go their way. Follow Simon at his Instagram page. 

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