These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 2 – Podcast Dads

Last week was the first part in the These Dads Are Doing It Right Series. From time to time I will be adding more dads in this Dads Are Doing This Right series. This week focuses on something that combines two of my passions, fatherhood and podcasts. This post is all about podcast dads. I have a background in radio as a show producer and co-host. Since leaving the radio industry I have been doing podcasts in some form or another for over 12 years. 

Here at the Art of Fatherhood I have a podcast called, The Art of Fatherhood. It is a podcast where I interview dads from all walks of life. We talk about the joys of fatherhood. Along the way I have become friends with some fantastic dads who also have a podcast. Here are some of those podcasts you should check out.  

Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat.

I met these guys when we were prepping up for the Dad 2.0 Summit earlier this year. This dynamic duo consists of Michael Smith and Anthony Palmer. They really care about fatherhood and the importance of fathers. Anthony and Michael look to promote great dads in their podcast. They are the podcast that is defining Today’s Dad! They share their stories and experiences as they build a community of Today’s Dads. A new podcast comes out Monday. Their podcast is definitely a must listen. And as they say, “As always remember to… Wake. Dad. Drink. Repeat.

NOMAD – Putting In The Work 

Brock Lusch is very passionate about fatherhood. He looks to support dads in every way. The fatherhood community is lucky to have Brock. He started a podcast called The NOMADAD podcast. It stands for Not On My Ass Dad. He looks to break the stereotypes of dads who are lazy and don’t care about their kids. Brock and his guests look to have open and honest conversations on fatherhood and many other topics. Make sure you check out his podcast and support a guy that looks to include every dad into the conversation. 

Dads With Daughters – Raising Strong Women  

Another OG dad that I got to meet years ago was Christopher Lewis. His website, Dad of Divas was there to document some of the journey that he was on with his daughters. Chris has learned that over the years that while there were books, there was nothing that was better than finding other dads going through similar experiences with their own kids. Since that time Chris has been a leading voice in this fatherhood landscape. Now he created the Dads With Daughters podcast. Dads with Daughters strives to create a supportive online community that highlights promising practices for fathers to better understand themselves and their daughters while encouraging and helping fathers be active participants in their daughters lives raising them to be strong independent women.

Dad’s Guide to Twins – Double The Fun 

You know the phrase the more the merrier? Well for Joe Rawlinson it is that mentality he shares in his podcast, Dad’s Guide to Twins. Father of twins and author of the book, Dad’s Guide to Twins, Joe Rawlinson shares tips, tricks, and advice on how to survive the twin pregnancy, prepare for your twins’ arrival, and successfully raise your twins. 

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  1. Thanks Art for those kind words. It has been truly an honor to represent Fatherhood and also shine the spotlight on some great dads that I have come into contact with over the past couple years.


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