These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 14 – Dads From Across The Pond

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right Series I am traveling to the UK to write about some dads you should check out. These dads are talking about topics from parenting to tech to travel. Make sure you read their articles on fatherhood and follow them on social media. It is always great to see fatherhood from all points of view. If there is a dad from across the pond that you think we should check out let me know in the comment section below. 

Julian Boffin – The Northern Dad 

Julian is a freelance writer from across the pond. He and his family live in the heart of Yorkshire. Julian has a wife and two children. He and his wife own and run a 50’s style cafe in the town they live in. Julian writes about his marriage, fatherhood and much more. He has a great writing style. His articles will keep you laughing. So make sure you check his site out at 

Dave – The DADventurer!

Dave AKA The DADventurer a 30-something who shares his adventures as a stay-at-home dad. He has a daughter and son. Dave calls himself the DADventurer, but as he says he is focusing on changing diapers and doing the school run is hardly an adrenaline rush. He and his family live in Hertfordshire. Dave started his parenting blog in 2014 as a place to share his experiences, learnings, failings and random musings about becoming a dad. He is a multi-award winning blogger and has been a finalist in numerous other blogging awards over the last few years. Go to to check out his work. 

Han-Son Lee – Living That DaddiLife

Han-Son Lee is the founder of DaddiLife. Lee and his crew wanted to make the moments of joy more joyful. They wanted the questions other dads had more quickly answered. They did this by providing a series of articles, media and supportive community built specifically for the modern day dad.  Han-Son personally led the research programs into the modern day dad called The Dad Index and The Millennial Dad at Work. His work has been profiled in the likes of The Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and Huffington Post.

Kip Hakes – Sharing His View On Fatherhood 

Kip is a daddy blogger. His wife and two children live in the Essex countryside. He has been sharing his fatherhood journey since 2008. Kip writes about parenting, technology, reviews, photography and more. He designs stuff by day and is as he says a total nerd at night. Kip wants the voice of fathers to be heard in the crowd of parent bloggers. He feels that there just aren’t enough dads out there writing. He likes to see other dads write about how they feel to be a parent and their experiences along the way. Go to for more his views on fatherhood. 

Martyn Kitney – Inside Martyn’s Thought’s

Martyn is a stay at home dad from across the pond. He homeschools his kids and shares his experience with his readers. Kitney writes about dealing with muscular dystrophy as well. Martyn blogs about all aspects of his life including tackling mental health issues. Martyn’s site Inside Martyn’s Thought’s is great site. Make sure you read his thoughts on fatherhood over at 

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