These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 15 – DIY Dads

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right Series I wanted to highlight dads that have the tools and the talent. These DIY Dads are creating some magic for their families. These dads highlight their journey through social media and their websites. Some of them give you a step by step demonstration in case you wanted to follow their lead. 

Taylor Calmus – Dude Dad 

I met Taylor working in this dad space a few years ago. Taylor has a passion for DIY projects and his family. For years now Taylor has been creating fantastic videos that involves his family mixed with his imagination. From building his kids a DeLorean to setting up a Rube Goldberg contraption Taylor’s videos are amazing. He even challenged Chip Gaines to a build off to raise money for charity. That relationship turned into a show called Super Dad that guides intimidated dads through kids’ projects so they can bring their kids’ dreams to life and become their heroes in a whole new way. Make sure you check him out over at his YouTube channel over at 

Nigel – One Of The OG DIY Dads

Nigel has five children range in age from three to nineteen years old. Over the years he has found that being a dad challenging and interesting. For Nigel it is the most rewarding experience of his life. On his site called DIY Daddy he shares his fatherhood journey. Plus he writes about his decorating and DIY knowledge and experience. Nigel provides you with easy to follow tutorials, simple advice. He also answers any questions you may have with regard to DIY, painting, decorating and general home maintenance. Check out his site at 

Sergei Urban – The Dad Lab 

Sergei Urban is a full-time dad to two boys Alex and Max. They love creative play, experiments, easy-to-make crafts and, of course, educational toys. He created TheDadLab to share creative projects that we do at home with as many parents as possible to inspire them to spend more quality time with their kids and to develop a thirst for knowledge and understanding in those curious little minds. Sergei will tell you that he is not a teacher or a scientist. Yet it all just came naturally to him after he became a dad. Check out his site at 

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