Which Of These Thanksgiving Dinner Plates Is Kid Approved In Your House?

I remember when my kids were toddlers that they didn’t really care for Thanksgiving dinner. They loved the appetizers and desserts, but didn’t touch the turkey on their plate. Now as they are older they will eat turkey and some sides, but they are still not touching the mashed potatoes. As we are prepping up for turkey day this year I thought about past Thanksgivings. Every year my daughters would add different kinds of food to their plate. What do your kids eat on Thanksgiving? Which plate below would they choose? Let me know in the comment section below. 

All About The Apps 

Some kids just like the pigs in a blanket and chips and salsa. When the finger food and snacks come out they are attacking those plates like vultures on road kill. They fill up with pretzels and cheese. For kids who typically graze on a day to day basis they up their snacking game on this holiday. They leave those mini snack plates around the house. They pick up a new plate once different snacks hit the table. When dinner comes around they can’t even think about eating anything else. To be fair I think some adults do the same thing. 

The Starter Plate 

This is the plate designed for kids who are looking for something new. They usually have chicken nuggets or PB and J sandwiches on a daily basis. But their curiosity starts to increase as they see adults and kids their age eat turkey and all the Thanksgiving fixings. They want to start small. So as a parent you fix them a Thanksgiving starter plate. You don’t want to overwhelm them. If they eat the whole plate and ask for seconds they are just following the tradition of this holiday. 

Same Ol’ Same Ol’ Dinner 

The only thing that a parent is thankful for the dinner on this plate is that they don’t have to hear their kid whine about the meal. Yes, they might be eating chicken nuggets for the seventh day in a row, but you are not fighting with them. You are looking to spend the day with the family with limited or no fighting. So you take the loss on the dinner plate, but take the win on a calm holiday with the family. 

Carbs, Carbs And More Carbs 

I will be the first to admit that I have a weakness for bread. Garlic bread is the best! A hot roll with butter floats my boat. So when I see kids fill their plate with just crescent rolls I definitely understand. They will load up on carbs and their juice. Kids are very sneaky when it comes to getting the fifth roll on their plate. They might eat some turkey and veggies, but for they might have set a world record for rolls eaten in one sitting. 

Just A Little Dab Will Do You 

The amount of food that this kids will eat won’t need a plate. All you will need is a cocktail napkin. You will see a few cheese cubes, one deviled egg and one cracker. This is the worst plate of all because you are worrying if your kid is eating enough. The stress level is at an all time high. Your nerves start to calm down once the desserts are brought out. Yes, they might be filling up on two slices of apple pie, but at least they are eating some form of fruit. 

Regardless of what type of food is on your kids plate I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even though this holiday will be a lot different than ones from years past try to enjoy this time with your family! 

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