Cook Up Some Fun With Chef Blast From Chef Gordon Ramsay

One of the best parts of having a smartphone is the ability to play games on them. I have been a gamer since I was a kid. Now that I have the capability to play on my phone is a….wait for it….game changer. What did you expect? This is a fatherhood website. There will be dad jokes. All kidding aside there is a new game from Gordon Ramsay called Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast that you and your family will enjoy playing. 

Gordon Ramsay Cooking Up Fun 

Gordon Ramsay teamed up with Outplay Entertainment for the new game Chef Blast. The game was inspired by the Culinary Genius television show. Chef Blast takes the sights, sounds, and joy of cooking and dishes them up in a puzzle style game. As you gain more points and get in the leaderboard Chef Ramsay cheers you on. My family and I enjoy cooking shows and my daughters loved the fact you can unlock exclusive recipes. There are some recipes that he has never shared in his books or online. How cool is that?

Gordon spoke about working with Outplay Entertainment for Chef Blast. “When the team at Outplay told me the idea behind Chef Blast, I was immediately sold on it,” said Gordon Ramsay. “I can’t wait to turn up the heat on everyone and see how they do.” He definitely lets you know if you need to step up your game! 

Gameplay And Features 

Besides hearing Chef Ramsay’s voice and the fun animations you can use all the tools in the kitchen to help you keep climbing the leaderboard. You can use the kitchen hammer, peeler, knife or whisk to accomplish your tasks in the game. Will you be able to master the game to get into the exclusive Culinary Genius tournament? If your skills can match Chef Ramsay (virtually of course) you can get into that tournament and win some cool prizes in the form of trophies and rewards. My family and I would see who would get the highest score. We keep on changing who has the top score. We have a “BLAST” (dad pun) playing the game together. 

Are you ready to test your skills in the kitchen? Download it HERE! Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast is now available worldwide on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

  • The Apple App Store link is here
  • The Google Play link is here

Please note I teamed up with Outplay Entertainment, but my thoughts are my own. 

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  1. YES!!!!! I am a HUGE Gordon Ramsay fan. Can’t wait to download this game for my phone. Thanks for letting me know this game exists.


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