These Dads Are Doing It Right – Part 24 – Dad Themed Websites & Social Media Accounts That Look To Encourage Fathers

This week for the These Dads Are Doing It Right series I wanted to share with you some dads organizations that you need to follow. One of the reasons I created Art of Fatherhood was to support dads that embrace fatherhood. This site and The Art of Fatherhood podcast helps me become a better dad and I hope it does the same for you. If you have a dad or site that you like following on social media or their website please let me know in the comment section. Here is a list of dads sites and social media accounts looking to encourage fathers. 

Dads With Daughters – @WithDaughters 

With Daughters is a Twitter account that looks to embrace dads who are raising daughters. This account will sift through the internet looking for articles, videos and podcasts that can help dads. There are inspiring memes or heartwarming videos that showcases dads who are doing whatever it takes to provide for their children. I really appreciate the work that With Daughters is doing. We need more positive content. Following With Daughters will brighten up your Twitter feed. 

National Fatherhood Initiative – The Site That Looks To Encourage Dads Everywhere 

National Fatherhood Initiative or the NFI is the nation’s leading non-profit organization working to end father absence. Underlying many of society’s most pressing challenges is a lack of father involvement in their children’s lives. The NFI transforms organizations and communities by equipping them to intentionally and proactively engage fathers in their children’s lives. Lastly, their vision is for every child to grow up with an involved, responsible, and committed father. You have to love the sound of that! 

All Pro Dad – Dads Training To Become An All Star 

All Pro Dad is an organization made up of people passionately committed to bringing intentional focus to fathers around the world. Above all their message will inspire you to embrace who you are as a dad. They look to give you tenderness of heart and boldness of character as a dad and husband. In addition All Pro Dad is consistently there for you to provide guidance and practical tips in raising your kids in a life giving way.

The National Center for Fathering – Supporting Dads All Around The World 

The National Center for Fathering is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created in 1990. It was in response to the incredible social and economic impact of fatherlessness in America. They believe every child needs a dad they can count on. Children thrive when they have an involved father or father figure. Kids want to have someone who loves them. They want a dad who knows them, guides them, and helps them achieve their destiny. At the National Center for Fathering, they work to improve the lives of children and reverse the trends of fatherlessness. Lastly, they do this by inspiring and equipping fathers, grandfathers and father figures to be actively engaged in the life of every child. This is site is a perfect example of an organization looking to encourage fathers. – Building Up The Dad Community 

Lastly, The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse goals are to provide help to dads. They do this by research and proven and innovative strategies that will encourage and strengthen fathers and families. is a site for dads looking for tips, hints and even deals for dads and kids. They also provide fatherhood programs for those looking to get started or expand their network of fellow dads. If you haven’t checked out their site I encourage you to do so. 

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